Fabulous After Dark!

Fabulous After Dark

Celebrate Vancouver Pride under our sparkling geodesic dome on Friday, August 1! At this exclusive Pride-inspired adult evening, check out live science shows, drag performances and dancing.

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Join our MC for the evening, The Queen of East Van, Isolde N Barron and live DJ music by Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party.

Friday, August 1
Early Bird: $18 (until Wednesday, July 30)
Regular: $25.50

19+ only. Wine and  Parallel 49 beer will be served. Triple O's will be open for dinner until 8pm.

Prices are subject to tax.

Do a little science experiment to help you decide whether Science World After Dark is worth it:

1: Propose a research question

"Will my friends and I have lots of fun at Science World After Dark?"

2: Do some research

Fact: Wine and Parallel 49 craft beer will be available ($6 a drink).
Fact: Triple O's will be open for dinner from 6:30pm–8pm.
Fact: Science World After Dark is 19+ only—there's no need to yield to youngsters.
Fact: 99.99% of After Dark visitors experience childlike curiosity and/or mental stimulation.

3: Make a hypothesis

"My friends and I will have lots of fun at Science World After Dark."

4. Test your hypothesis by conducting an experiment

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