Inspiring and challenging top students to excel in science and innovation.

In weekly meetings, students learn essential skills, meet top experts and innovators and apply their new knowledge and skills. We have modeled the program after excellence programs in high performance sports, such as Own the Podium and the farm system in hockey. There is a progression where students are increasingly supported and challenged. With the extra support of this program, students will be expected to excel in national and international science, technology, engineering and math challenges.

Program Details

  • Future Science Leaders covers many areas of science and is a multi-year program. Students must enter in the Discover Year (see below).
  • The program runs every Tuesday from 4:30pm–7pm starting in September 2016 and through to May 2017.
  • There is a cost of $475 for the program. Bursaries are available and no student will be excluded on the basis of financial need.

Program Structure

Students connect with a powerful peer network of future science leaders, taken from BC's most talented students. With the experiences and lessons of the Future Science Leaders, we expect that they will also connect with students of their calibre from around the world. Future Science Leaders students meet and learn from BC's top science and technology and business leaders. Each week, students participate in innovative learning and skill building activities after learning of cutting edge research, academic theory and industry opportunities.

The Future Science Leaders students are recognized and profiled throughout the province as role models to inspire younger students to reach for science excellence.

Discover Year

This is the entry point for Future Science Leaders (grades 10 and 11). Students learn about advanced topics as described in the general program description.

Innovate Year

After completing the Discover Year, students can apply to the Research or Engineering streams of the Innovate Year. These options allow students to apply their skills to real world challenges. The Engineering students participate in robotics competitions and the Research students do original research with the goal of publishing their work.

Application Process

We are looking for students that can demonstrate a leadership in science and an ability to work with others. The application process involves completing both an application form and an interview prior to being selected for the program.

Please check back here in mid-March 2017, for application details.

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Future Science Leaders would not be possible without the generous support of:

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We also acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia.