Hours of Operation

School Year (Spring): March 26–June 30, 2017

Monday–Friday: 10am–5pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am–6pm

Open Victoria Day (May 22nd): 10am–6pm



Summer Break: July 1–September 5, 2017

Daily (except Thursday): 10am–6pm
Thursday: 10am–8pm



OMNIMAX® Theatre elevator will be out of service from April 18, 2017 (until late July 2017). This means that access to the theatre is limited to a 200m ramp, with a fairly steep incline. We recommend that anyone with mobility challenges or concerns, visit our OMNIMAX® Theatre after the elevator repairs have been completed. 

BodyWorks Closure

BodyWorks is closed until late June 2017 to make room for the installation of the Wonder Gallery. The renovated BodyWorks will have a new look, updated content and new exhibits.