Explore science and art through the ingenuity of your imagination. Using wooden planks, create anything. Defy gravity. Create your dream city. Shape your world. Simply. Beautifully.

Why KEVA Works

KEVA planks are perfectly-cut, identical construction blocks that stack with great stability. Narrow towers can reach any height! The construction system provides a unique building experience for people of all ages—KEVA enthusiasts range from toddlers to professional architects because everyone can enjoy building at their own skill level. Recent studies have shown that children who play with blocks often do better later as they study mathematics and physics. Verbal skills and communication are also enhanced as children construct projects together.


Are you ready for the next KEVA challenge? Visitors and staff are invited to partake in the KEVA challenge which happens every two weeks. During the December break, visitors met the challenge of building their own snowflake structures. The structures created during that time were very intricate and complex and we were able to display many of them. Visitors enjoyed tweeting their photos with the hashtag #swKEVA, which sent the photos directly to the live media stream that could be viewed on the monitor in front of the KEVA Gallery.  View the social stream, courtesy of TradableBits.

The beginning of February provided everyone with another challenge. To honour Chinese New Year, the challenge this time was to construct a horse. With that in mind, we found that an example worked out best to help the public visualize a strategy. Iain Fraser, a Science Facilitator here at Science World, planned and created his horse. This structure was built and placed in front of the KEVA Gallery for all to see. Creating with KEVA planks is so versatile. There are so many things you can create. You just have to use your imagination!

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