KPU-Science World Speaker Series

KPU Science World Speaker Series

The KPU-Science World Speaker Series is a partnership developed between KPU and Science World that supports the expansion of science in our communities. The free public series works to engage, entertain and educate guests with fascinating insights into the world of science.

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The Inspiration of Bees: Honey bees are amazing creatures. They are clever, social insects. Along with the native pollinators, they account for up to 1/3 of all of the food we eat. We will look into the lives of honey bees and how we have honoured them in our culture, and taken inspiration from their mastery in how we design.

Monday, August 22
Science Theatre

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Bonus Event—Engaging with Bees: Join us at 6:15pm before the lecture for a variety of interactive bee-themed activities:

  • Honey Tasting—Beyond sweet, the flavours of varietal single-hive origin honey are uniquely distinctive. Put your taste buds to the test and decipher the source of honey samples.
  • Beeswax Candle Making—Explore the science of beeswax, look at the practical uses of wax (for both bees and humans) and make your own beeswax candle to take home.


Upcoming Events

Sept 15: Water rights and scarcity: A 21st century challenge (at KPU Richmond)
Oct 13: What can artists and filmmakers teach us about scientific visualization?


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