KPU-Science World Speaker Series

KPU Science World Speaker Series

The KPU-Science World Speaker Series is a partnership developed between KPU and Science World that supports the expansion of science in our communities. The free public series works to engage, entertain and educate guests with fascinating insights into the world of science.

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Water Rights and Scarcity: A 21st Century Challenge

Clean water is the paramount human rights challenge of the 21st century. Today, 800 million global citizens have no clean water source. By 2050, this number will reach 2 billion. Climate change, drought, flooding and water borne disease will intensify the water scarcity facing the planet. This presentation will highlight these issues in Asia and India with fascinating examples and innovative scenarios for change.

Thursday, September 15
KPU Richmond


Upcoming Events

Oct 13: What can artists and filmmakers teach us about scientific visualization?
Feb 6: Cool Eats: The City Slicker's Diet for a Warming Planet
Mar 30: Sea and Sky: A Sensory Music Experience


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