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Hi! We're Art and Spleen from PROBE (PROfessional Body Explorers). Do you know how your body works? Let's find out with these six challenging games!

Art & Spleen's Most Excellent Adventure—Where in the body are our heroes? 
Curve Control—Let’s explore your ability to make precise movements!
Slap Shot—How quick are your reflexes?
Muscle Hustle—Can you coordinate your muscles to outpace the hungry dog?
Nutrient Roundup—Master the ins and outs of eating! 
Virus Lander—Do you have more than an infectious personality?


Can you identify a mystery note on the Walk On Piano or lift a 200kg hippopotamus?  Try these five games based on real exhibits at TELUS World of Science.

These games use Vancouver's ever-changing landscape to look at how rapid growth can affect a city’s sustainability.

Time Lapse—Play these time lapse movies to see history develop at the Southeast corner of Vancouver’s False Creek.
Shifting Skyline—Statistics can tell a story about the impact a rising skyline can have on a city.
Green City Smackdown—Which of these cities will win Green City Smackdown? Here’s your chance to see how cities measure up to each other.

Test your knowledge of electrical energy! Do you know more than the average grade 5 student? 

Ernie the Electric Eel's power is running out. Can you help him?
We're not the only site with cool stuff. Check out other great games exploring electrical energy and energy conservation from all over the web. 

Hi! I'm Roly J. Robot! Here are six exciting games inspired by well-tested, hands-on classroom activities from our Engaging Science teacher workshops.