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Stage Shows

Witness spectacular live science demonstrations daily at 11:20am, 12:20pm, 1:20pm, 2:20pm and 3:20pm. These fast paced, entertaining shows feature a wide variety of topics such as fire, electricity, bubbles, moving objects, chemistry, and many more.  Read our show descriptions

Today's Programming and Events

Make your own animation

March 7–29
Puzzles and Illusions Gallery

Create your own mini-animation—a phenakistoscope! The phenakistoscope was a 19th century version of a short movie, where still images were presented quickly in sequence. An image appears to move when you spin the phenakistoscope and look through its slits at mirror. This is due to apparent motion—an illusion where continuous motion is perceived when viewing static objects in rapid succession.

Sound Show

March 7–29
Peter Brown Family Centre Stage

Come and see a special centre stage show that covers the use of sound in animation. Through lively demos, audience volunteers and our usual Science World flair, the principles of voiceovers, foley effects and other aspects behind the science of sound in animation will be explored!

OMNIMAX® Theatre Showtimes

Feb 7–May 29

11amTeacher's Choice
12pm Island of Lemurs: Madagascar
1pm Hidden Universe
2pm Island of Lemurs: Madagascar
3pm Extra Large Shorts (until Apr 26)
3pm Journey to the South Pacific (Apr 27–May 29)
4pm Island of Lemurs: Madagascar (Sat/Sun/Hol only)

May 30–Jun 26

11amTeacher's Choice
12pm Dinosaurs Alive!
1pm Island of Lemurs: Madagascar
2pm Dinosaurs Alive!
3pm Hidden Universe
4pm Dinosaurs Alive! (Sat/Sun/Hol only)

Show schedule subject to change without notice. Bigger isn't always better. You know your children best. Will they be comfortable with an immersive, giant-screen experience? Films are 45 minutes long unless otherwise indicated.

Science Theatre Showtimes

Mar 23–Apr 26

10:00amToon Time
10:30amVFS Animated Shorts
11:00amHotel Heliconia
12:00pmPushing the Limits
12:30pmDiscover Science
1:00pmToon Time
1:30pmVFS Animated Shorts
2:00pmHotel Heliconia
3:00pmPushing the Limits
3:30pmDiscover Science
4:00pmToon Time
4:30pmVFS Animated Shorts
5:00pmHotel Heliconia *
5:35pmMicroworlds *

Show schedule is subject to change without notice. * Sat/Sun/Hol only.


BodyWorks Closure

Some BodyWorks exhibits will be unavailable starting the end of April to accommodate our summer feature exhibition.

Kidspace Announcement

We're fundraising to build a new early learner's gallery! Find out how you can support us

Learn about Wonder


Our outdoor science park is open again for the season. Drop by and see what's growing!

Annual General Meeting

Science World Members, our Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday, May 21 at 5:30pm in the Science Theatre.

Hours of Operation

Mar 7–27 (Spring Break)

Every day10am–6pm

Mar 28–Jun 26

Sat & Sun10am–6pm
Stat Holidays10am–6pm

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Doors open at 9:30am for Science World Members on weekends, school break periods and statutory holidays. Doors close 15 minutes before closing time.

Dome Light Schedule

Mar 7–29: Spring Lab (exceptions below)
Mar 26: Purple (Epilepsy Awareness)
Mar 28: Off @ 8:30pm (Earth Hour)
Apr 29: Blue (World Wish Day)
May 5: Purple (Pulmonary Hypertension)
May 12: Blue & Purple (ME/FM Awareness)
May 31: Green (Cerebral Palsy Month)