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Around the Dome Science Festival

Join us for the Around the Dome Science Festival. This weekend is inspired by everything DIY! Check out our City Farm Fest then try hands-on experiments using everyday materials.

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Stage Shows

Witness spectacular live science demonstrations daily at 11:20am, 12:20pm, 1:20pm, 2:20pm and 3:20pm. These fast paced, entertaining shows feature a wide variety of topics such as fire, electricity, bubbles, moving objects, chemistry, and many more.  Read our show descriptions

Today's Programming and Events

Science World Weekend Programming

Discover the wonders of honeybees and other insects while rolling your own small candle from 100% pure beeswax.

Friday, October 24

Around the Dome Short Film Festival

There are many ways to look at light and incorporate it into the medium of film. Check out these amazing films that interpret light in new ways.

September 27–October 26
Science Theatre

OMNIMAX® Theatre Showtimes

Science Theatre Showtimes

10amToon Time
10:30amDiscover Science
11:20amLive LIGHT show
12pmHotel Heliconia
12:35pmDeconstructing Dinner
1pmThe Human Body
1:30pm ATD Short Film Festival
2pmDiscover Science
2:30pmHotel Heliconia
3:05pmDeconstructing Dinner
3:30pmThe Human Body
4pmToon Time
4:30pmDiscover Science
5pmHotel Heliconia*
5:35pmDeconstructing Dinner*

Note: show schedule is subject to change without notice. *Sat/Sun/Hol only.


Monday Closure

TELUS World of Science is closed on Mondays (except statutory holidays) until Dec 19, 2014

Dome Light Schedule

Oct 22 & 25:  Around the Dome colours
Oct 24: ??? ( SWAD night)
Oct 26–31: Jack-o'-lantern
Nov 9: Blue (Blue Dot Tour)
Nov 14: Blue (World Diabetes Day)
Nov 17: Purple (World Prematurity Day)
Nov 26–30: Orange (Grey Cup countdown)

Hours of Operation

Until Dec 19

MonClosed (except for Stat Holidays)
Sat & Sun10am–6pm
Stat Holidays10am–6pm

Doors open at 9:30am for Science World Members on weekends, school break periods and statutory holidays. Doors close 15 minutes before closing time.