What's on today?

Science World feature exhibition, Science of Sports

Join us on July 26 & 27 and visit our  Science of Sports exhibition Gallery Spotlight! Get active and test your athletic skills with a "Passport to Sport" challenge.

Stage Shows

Witness spectacular live science demonstrations daily at 11:20am, 12:20pm, 1:20pm, 2:20pm and 3:20pm. These fast paced, entertaining shows feature a wide variety of topics such as fire, electricity, bubbles, moving objects, chemistry, and many more.  Read our show descriptions

Today's Programming and Events

Meet Parks Canada

Have you ever wondered about forest fires and forest critters? If so, drop by and meet Parks Canada! They'll be under the dome every Friday–Monday all summer long with fun activities and live shows that'll inspire you to explore the outdoors.

Science Theatre Showtimes

June 28–Sept 1

10amToon Time
10:30amDiscover Science
11amThe Human Body: Pushing the Limits
11:30amStories of BC Species at Risk
12pmDinosaur Revolution
12:30pmDeconstructing Dinner
1pmToon Time
1:30pmDiscover Science
2pmThe Human Body: Pushing the Limits
2:30pmStories of BC Species at Risk
3pmDinosaur Revolution*
3:30pmDeconstructing Dinner*
4pmToon Time
4:30pmDiscover Science
5pmThe Human Body: Pushing the Limits
5:30pmStories of BC Species at Risk

Twilight Thursdays Only

6pmDinosaur Revolution
6:30pmDeconstructing Dinner
7pmToon Time
7:30pmDiscover Science
8pmThe Human Body: Pushing the Limits
8:30pmStories of BC Species at Risk

Note: show schedule is subject to change without notice.
*No films from 3–4pm on Fridays due to special programming.


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Hours of Operation

June 28–Sept 1

Every day10am–6pm
Twilight Thursdays10am–9pm

Doors open at 9:30am for Science World Members on weekends, school break periods and statutory holidays. Doors close 15 minutes before closing time.