Special Events and Activities

Join us in celebration of Hour of Code Week! Students from our most recent VEX Level II Robotics Club will be showing off their robot creations in an exciting showdown on the playing field. Spectators can pick up some information about how they can participate in this year’s Hour of Code Week and learn about ways to get involved in Robotics at Science World.

Saturday, December 12
Dyson Innovation Lab

Meet scientists, researchers and other science-based professionals! Engage in activities and learn about experiences related to their fields of expertise.

December 12 & 13

Join us for this Iron Chef inspired activity and go away with great prizes and memories! After registering on-site (all ages welcome!), 10 teams will have 5 minutes to design and 30 minutes to build a creation based on a specific theme using a mystery "ingredient."

December 12 & 13
Dyson Innovation Lab

High School Days

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month, join us for exclusive high school field trip programming—no elementary classes allowed!

All our 2015 High School Days offer:

Exclusive offerings on December 15:

Special Guests: Wildlife Science
Chat with Dr Elisabeth Ormandy and her colleagues from the Animals in Science Policy Institute

Future Delta 2.0
Check out this climate change video game

Pepper's Ghost Illusion
Make your own smartphone make-and-take optical illusion and delve deeper into what it takes for our eyes to fool our brains.

Exclusive offerings on January 19:

Special Guest: South Coast Conservation Program
At this talk by Pamela Zevit, we'll discuss different "Species at Risk."

Animal Yoga

Yoga teaches us to move our bodies in various ways while learning mindfulness and breathing techniques. But did you know that many yoga poses are named after animals? Kids, come and explore the world of animal poses like the Lion and the Downward Dog while learning that animals have muscles and bones to help them move, just like we do. Each session begins with a yoga storybook. We then move into various animal poses while playing, telling stories and creating animal sounds.

This is a 45-minute long, parent-supervised class, but parent participation is not required. Yoga gear is not required, just wear comfortable clothes! For ages 3–10 only (plus their adult).

December 13 & 20
11am and 1pm
Dyson Innovation Lab

Free registration opens soon


Steve Axford is an Australian photographer who specialises in nature photography. Spiders are little beasties that are always around, no matter where you are, so they are ideal subjects for nature photographers. Steve now lives in sub-tropical Australia, away from the city, where there are lots of animals, but when he lived in central Melbourne there were almost as many spiders. Baby spiders travel on the wind, so they are always there. You just have to look.

Microbes Art Us

This exhibition is an extension of the art show entitled "Cave Microorganisms and Drug Discovery: A Collaboration Between TRU Microbiology Researchers and Artists" that was exhibited at the Kamloops Art Gallery and the TRU Art Gallery in 2014. This exhibition aims to engage the public in the excitement of the exploration of cave microorganisms, their identification and potential for new drug development, while developing new perspectives in the popular and scientific view of microorganisms through art.

Nikon Small World

Science World is pleased to showcase the winners of the 40th annual Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition, including first prize winner Rogelio Moreno's photo, capturing a rarely seen image of a rotifer’s open mouth interior and heart-shaped corona.

Explore the physics, chemistry and biology of some of your favourite drinks in ways you've never experienced before. Science of Cocktails is our signature fundraising event of the year, with proceeds going towards our Class Field Trip program for students in underserved schools across the Lower Mainland.

Thursday, February 4

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KPU-Science World Speaker Series

The KPU-Science World Speaker Series offers free evening presentations on a variety of topics.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, February 10: Such Seething Brains, Such Shaping Fantasies: The Quest for Meaning in an Age of Anxiety, Conspiracies and Superstitions

Presented by Dr Farhad Dastur, a faculty member in the Psychology department at KPU. His areas of interest include: Human Factors & Ergonomics, especially traffic safety and aviation; Evolutionary Psychology; Sensation & Perception, especially visual or olfactory perception; How students learn.

Origami whales

Be inspired and amazed by these handcrafted creatures, created by origami artist Joseph Wu. Representing the real and the fantastic, these delicate whale sculptures will spark your imagination and appreciation for the ancient art of origami. We're presenting this exhibition in celebration of our new OMNIMAX film, Humpback Whales.

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