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Search our vast collection of science activities. Whether building a miniature worm compost to learn about decomposers, or playing poop factory to investigate the stages of the digestive system, students will explore and develop critical thinking skills and have fun with science.

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"Whacky" Music

Music can be defined as:

  1. The art of producing significant arrangements of sounds, usually with reference to rhythm, pitch and tone.
  2. A succession or combination of notes, especially if pleasing to the ear.

This may or may not happen with a Boomwhacker orchestra, but students will certainly unveil the relationship between pitch and instrument length.

Animal Restaurant

Ecological niche refers to a species' role in its habitat. No two species have the same niche. Each species has a specific combination of food choice, how they find their food, daily schedule, reproduction, and shelter. In this activity, students will investigate the unique ways in which different species in the same ecosystem feed themselves and the special features that make it possible.


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