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You don't need to be a tightrope walker to do balancing tricks, but you do need some support! Namely, you have to understand the role of an object's centre of gravity. In the following activities, students explore this and other conditions necessary for balance (and keeping objects from toppling over!) and how we use these concepts in our daily lives.


What happens when a bat hits a baseball? Why does a rolling ball eventually stop? How do we walk, jump or run? The answer lies in physics! In this topic, students get the chance to explore how Newton’s Laws of Motion explain the ways that things move.

You won’t have to "force" your students to learn — they’ll push, pull, drop, roll, and fling their way through a variety of demonstrations and activities illustrating the different forces on everything around us.

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We use rollers or wheels to help us move things.

Sometimes things roll so fast, it's hard to see exactly where they go or what they do!