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Want to do some science exploration that's out of this world? You won't need to "force" students to explore the pushes and pulls that affect rockets! In this set of activities, students investigate how and why rockets move by building and testing several different rockets of their own!

Floaters and Sinkers

Density can sometimes be a tricky concept for students to understand. You can't easily estimate an object's density by simply looking at it. You have to think about the relationship between two of its properties: mass and volume.

In these activities, students will learn about mass, volume and density and their relationship to each other by conducting investigations into buoyancy—floating (and sinking) objects used in their everyday lives.


Discovering a way for people to take flight is undoubtedly one of the most awe-inspiring feats of human ingenuity the world has known to date. Although the first airplane was invented over a century ago, watching planes lift off and land still seems like something that defies reality.

To design a successful airplane, engineers had to master the balance and control of four forces: lift, gravity, thrust and drag, also known as the "four forces of flight". By adjusting these forces, pilots are able to speed up, slow down, lift off and land their aircraft.


Magnets are much more than fun toys - they are the "attractive" science! We use them in all kinds of ways, like determining direction with a compass, or just keeping refrigerators closed!

In these activities, students will use simple experiments and observations to explore magnetism, from determining what is a magnet to creating their own electromagnet.

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