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Science Theatre

Check out a show in our Science Theatre and take a break from all the exhibits for a bit. In this electronic projection theatre, you can pop in and watch educational live and taped shows on a variety of topics, often related to our feature exhibitions. And the best part? Science Theatre shows are free with your Science World at TELUS World of Science general admission.

Science Theatre Films

Stories of BC Species at Risk

British Columbia is home to more wild plant and animal species than any other province in Canada. Alarmingly, 1,900 species are considered "at risk." Four short films tell the stories of the western rattlesnake, the Duskywing butterfly, the barn swallow and the Oregon spotted frog. The films follow the biologists who study these species in their habitats and seek to protect them. Habitat loss is the greatest threat to BC's biodiversity.

A Wilderness Committee/Vancouver Foundation co-production. Running time: 28 minutes

Truck Farm

Truck Farm is the musically-narrated documentary of Ian Cheney's innovative 1/1000th-acre farm in the back of his pick-up. Using green-roof materials, heirloom seeds and a healthy dose of optimism, Ian creates a mobile farm and discovers a new generation of creative, quirky agriculture efforts all over the city. Imaginably the future of urban farming needs a dose of whimsy to be truly sustainable.

From Wicked Delicate Films. Running time: 24 minutes

Better Bees, Better Honey

The secrets to healthier beekeeping and honey production are revealed. Deconstructing Dinner–Honey: What's missing in your honey? Take a look beyond the grocery shelf to the source of the sweet stuff, as we trace the pathways of honey production–from flower to plate. Saving the Life Keepers: Meet local citizens, farmers and beekeepers who have developed sustainable practices to improve the quality and quantity of honey bee populations.

Deconstructing Dinner—Honey is produced by ichannel.ca. Saving the Life Keepers is from Monde films.

One Six Right

This exhilarating documentary celebrates the unsung hero of aviation – the local airport – by tracing the life, history, and struggles of an airport icon: Southern California’s Van Nuys Airport. 

A Terwilliger Production. Hi-Def Cinema from Cinemuse. Running time: 20 minutes

Project X: Flight

Project X meets the scientists and inventors who are pushing the limits of flight: from new machines with amazing designs to the human body itself.  From hang gliding to alpine ski jumping, piloting jets and rockets, we've tweaked technology to achieve our airborne dreams but for all the progress we have made in defying gravity, we still have a lot to learn from nature’s only flying mammal, the bat. 

From CBC Learning. Running time: 23 minutes

Toon Time

In these animated and stop-motion adventure stories, the heroes are the ones with the best problem-solving skills! We’ve selected our favorites from lego.com/videos.

Running time: 25 minutes

Dinosaur Revolution

A brutal encounter with an angry Sauropod prevents a young male Alosaurus from ever becoming king of the jungle. Abandoned by his mother and too injured to be a top predator, this male gets his meals from a watering hole where unsuspecting creatures come to nourish themselves. Even so, this opportunist must still contend with the elements, protective parents, and larger predators in order to eke out a living on the island that will one day be known as Portugal. Recommended for ages 8+.

Hi-def Cinema from Cinemuse. Produced by Discovery Communications. Running Time: 30 minutes

Bear Witness

The Great Bear Rainforest is the only place on earth where grizzlies, black bears and the iconic white spirit bear all live together. Meet the First Nations citizen scientists and university researchers who collect data, document findings and strive to protect these bears as a living cultural treasure, from the threat of trophy hunters.

A project of the Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative.​ Running time: 25 minutes

Discover Science

Lights, camera, science! Follow the intrepid “Experiment Rangers” as they conduct real trial-and-error experiments—no CGI here! –with humour and a great sense of adventure. These episodes feature human-generated electricity used to power a merry-go-round and a car running on handmade lemon batteries.

Produced by Al Jazeera Children's Channel and NHK. Provided by the NFB. Running time: 28 minutes

Science Theatre Showtimes

Apr 22–May 21

10amToon Time
10:30amDiscover Science
11amBetter Bees, Better Honey
11:30amStories of BC Species at Risk
12pmTruck Farm
12:30pmProject X: Flight
1pmToon Time
1:30pmDiscover Science
2pmBetter Bees, Better Honey
2:30pmStories of BC Species at Risk
3pmTruck Farm
3:30pmProject X: Flight
4pmToon Time
4:30pmDiscover Science
5pmBetter Bees, Better Honey (Sat/Sun/Hol)
5:30pmStories of BC Species at Risk (Sat/Sun/Hol)

Note: show schedule is subject to change without notice.