Science Theatre

Check out a show in our Science Theatre and take a break from all the exhibits for a bit. In this electronic projection theatre, you can pop in and watch educational live and taped shows on a variety of topics, often related to our feature exhibitions. And the best part? Science Theatre shows are free with your Science World at TELUS World of Science general admission.

Human Body: Brainpower
Human Body Brainpower
The driving force behind every one of us is the most powerful organ in the natural world: the human brain. This program examines how different parts of the brain can help the body overcome tremendous obstacles, from surviving a firestorm to being stranded at sea.
  • 12:30pm
30 min
Produced by Discovery Communications Inc. Hi-def Cinema from CineMuse.
Life: Mammals
Life Mammals
New filming techniques reveal behaviour that was previously impossible to capture in extreme locations. Fly amongst one of the largest migrations on Earth, as more than ten million fruit bats leave the Congo basin and converge in a few special trees in Zambia to feed. Sprint with the tiny, extraordinary-looking sengis as it escapes a predatory lizard. See thirty polar bears gather to feed on a bowhead whale carcass.
  • 12pm and 3pm
25 min
Produced by the BBC. Hi-Def Cinema from CineMuse.
Life: Insects
Life Insects
​Insects are the most diverse animal group on the planet. The key to their success is their unique ability to reshape themselves. Take a closer look at some key animals: Monarch butterflies, damselflies, grass cutter ants, Dawson’s bees and Bombardier beetles.
  • 10:30am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm
25 min
A BBC/Discovery/SKAI/Open University co-production in association with RTI Spa​.
Toon Time: Ready, Jet, Go!
Ready Jet Go
Go on a journey into outer space and satisfy your curiosity about science, technology and astronomy. Follow two neighbourhood kids, Sean and Sydney, as they both befriend the new kid on their street, Jet Propulsion, whose family members happen to be aliens from the planet Bortron 7! Together, they explore the solar system and the effects it has on the science of our planet, while learning about friendship and teamwork along the way.
  • 10am, 1pm and 4pm
30 min
Distributed by PBS, produced by Wind Dancer Films and created by Craig Bartlett.
Space Suite II
Explore the infinite wonders of our universe through a series of 10 shorts that illustrate our interactions with the cosmos. Experience galactic beauty that inspires artists and discover a world, invisible to the naked eye, that invokes the curiosity of scientists.
25 min
Produced by Two Story Productions.
Weird Connections: How Sticky Is Your Gecko?
Weird Connections
Embark on a journey into the fascinating worlds of geckos, robotics and nanotechnology. This program reveals the unusual science behind technology inspired by sticky lizards who are among the best climbers in the natural world.
  • 11:30am, 2:30pm and 5:30pm*
30 min
*5:30pm show plays Sat/Sun/Hol only. Produced by Discovery Channel Inc. Hi-Def Cinema from CineMuse.
Discover Science: The Secret of Aerial Ballet & Magnetic Ninja
Discover Science
A group of aerial ballerinas choreograph a performance in order to demonstrate different rotational motions. Can you make electromagnetic shoes powerful enough to allow you to scale an iron wall? Learn how!
  • 11am, 2pm and 5pm*
30 min
*5pm show plays Sat/Sun/Hol only. Produced by: NHK, NED, Al Jazeera Children's Channel. Provided by: The National Film Board of Canada

Science Theatre Notice

Some regular Science Theatre programming will be interrupted from January 20–24 for the Power of Ideas Interactive Presentation. 

Power Of Ideas Interactive Presentation


This live, multi-media show draws on stories of Canada’s past to explore innovation in all its forms – from technical gains to social progress. Underscoring that absolutely anyone can innovate, this presentation shares the key tools and traits which turn innovative ideas into reality.

Presented by:

January 20, 23 and 24
10:00am, 12:00pm

January 21 and 22
11:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm


Science Theatre Showtimes

Winter Schedule, January 3 – March 10:  

10:00am*Toon Time
10:30am*Life: Insects
11:00amDiscover Science
11:30amHow Sticky Is Your Gecko?
12:00pmLife: Mammals
12:30pmHuman Body: Pushing the Limits – Brain Power
1:00pmToon Time
1:30pmLife: Insects
2:00pmDiscover Science
2:30pmHow Sticky Is Your Gecko? 
3:00pmLife: Mammals
3:30pmSpace Suite II
4:00pmToon Time
4:30pmLife: Insects

Additional Showtimes Sat/Sun/Hol: 

5:00Human Body: Pushing the Limits
– Brain Power
5:30Space Suite II

Schedule subject to change without notice.
*unless Global Soundscapes is booked