Join us for another incredible season of science camps!

With exhibit exploration and specialized science programs for kindergarten to middle school students, Science World offers unique experiences that no other camp can.

Our camps are led by top-notch, professional staff and incorporate our interactive galleries, hands-on experiments and dynamic demonstrations. Our camps explore topics beyond the school curriculum and are designed to stimulate interest, encourage curiosity and build a child's confidence in science.

This summer we're excited about our paleontology themes, inspired by our featured summer exhibition. Programs will include investigations about geology, ancient life and prehistoric environments as well as methods and technologies used by scientists who uncover the past.

Each camp program is carefully designed to target the age-specific needs and abilities of its participants. Camps are one week long and run from Monday to Friday, June 29–August 28.

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Camp Offerings

Kindersaurus Science

For 4–6 year olds completing or entering Kindergarten in 2015. Explore the past with games and projects rich in multisensory investigations for young learners.

$200 (Science World Members save $20)

See the Kindersaurus camp schedule and program details.

Primadactyl Science

For 6–8 year olds completing grades 1 or 2 as of June 2015. Combine creativity and imagination with science discoveries in this program catered to energetic junior scientists.

$305 (Science World Members save $20)

See the Primadactyl camp schedule and program details.

Intermegaladon Science

For 8–10 year olds completing grades 3 or 4 as of June 2015. Dig deeper into paleontology with activities involving data collection and interpretation skills.

$305 (Science World Members save $20)

See the Intermegaladon camp schedule and program details.

SciTechatops Science

For 10–12 year olds completing grades 5 or 6 as of June 2015. Discover how chemistry, neurology and physics play a role in prehistoric research. Explore how robotics and technology help us investigate ancient life.

$305 (Science World Members save $20)

See the SciTechatops camp schedule and program details.

Online registration begins Tuesday, April 7. Register before June 1 to save $25 on enrolment fees.

Science World Members: take advantage of advance registration starting April 1 and don't forget that Members save $20 on our summer camps.

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