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Science World celebrated International Mud Day 2014, during the weekend of June 28 and 29. The idea behind International Mud Day is to join in with museums around the world and explore the science of mud.

Earlier this summer, Science World was delighted to host the opening of the scientific art exhibit, El Tatio Geysers, featuring the work of artist, Owen Perry. Having an artist in our midst provided us with a wonderful opportunity to discuss the fascinating role of art in science and science in art. Owen has some wonderful ideas on the subject and we were pleased to chat with him about the ways in which these brilliant pursuits inspire and support each other.

While walking my dog, I met a green, alien invader hovering in mid-air. Lacking the composure to note its taxonomic particulars, I swatted the critter away from what little hair I have.

Our teen program, Future Science Leaders (FSL), may be on hiatus for the summer, but our students are still exploring science and taking advantage of FSL opportunities.

This spring, two of our FSL students, Mindy Lim and Lauren Dobischok, won the StemCellTalks blogging competition! The pair attended StemCellTalks Vancouver, a day symposium exploring the science and issues of stem cells, and composed and submitted blog posts about their experiences. They won the opportunity to attend the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) conference being held in Vancouver's new convention centre.

Unless you have been living in the most desolate, remote part of the planet, you are probably aware that the 2014 FIFA World Cup has just taken place in Brazil.