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Ever wonder about the physics of lift? Join Brian and Christina as they explore Bernoulli's principle, the phenomena that helps flying things fly!

Ever wonder about bubbles? In this video, Science Facilitator Charlotte shares demonstrations from her favourite Science World stage show, Bubbles, and shows you how to be a bubbleologist at home!

The occurrence of rear wipers on SUVs and hatchbacks is probably related to increased dirt that accumulated because of the rearward eddies. Conversely, sedans and vehicles with trunks don't need them as much and they would disrupt the air flow.

Grapefruits are not my favourite fruit. How many of you, when I mention grapefruit, are pulling a face as you think about how they taste? I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the vast majority of you are in the “it tastes terrible” corner rather than the “I eat one for breakfast every day” one (it’s a little ironic that its botanical name means "fruit of paradise.”) Yet here I am to tell you that this bitter tasting fruit is a great source of the nutrient known as folic acid, which, research suggests, may enhance brain health!

A study conducted by scientists in the UK showed that adult female chickens have the ability to be affected by and share the emotional state of fellow chickens. Which begs the question: Do chickens feel empathy?

Ever wonder what the surface of Pluto looks like? Turns out not even planetary scientists are completely sure. Since the discovery of Pluto in 1930, no spacecraft has ever passed close enough to return clear images of the icy planet. However, with NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft fast approaching Pluto and its five moons, this is about to change.