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But just to throw the question out there (you can’t blame me, here at Science World we love asking questions after all)—what could we add to the “Create Memories, Not Garbage” mantra, especially if we want to really spark the curiosity of our children (and not-so-children)? I propose this: give them permission to have fun and make mistakes.

One Saturday, I was given the opportunity to work on an event that was happening in the back of our Feature Gallery. On arrival, I had no idea that I would be walking back in time to my childhood. Picture a room that holds all the materials for bringing your imagination to life. A room full of cardboard boxes, chalk, crayons, scissors and tape—the building blocks of creativity.

As you may know, invasive species like the mountain pine beetle are a real threat to Canadian Forests. Next time you are in a wooded area, take a close look the trees. Are the branches a little bare? Are the leaves and bark marked with blemishes or holes?