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More and more things in my house seem to be made from microfibres—my steam mop, my computer screen cloth and my dog mat. This got me wondering, what is microfibre and how does it work?

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Design Engineering is a fascinating field of study that not everyone thinks about when they imagine a career. Even Senior Design Engineer at Dyson, Rob Green, wasn’t exactly sure that what he loved was called engineering. Rob graciously agreed to answer some of our burning questions about his life in design engineering—how he first became interested in design, how much creativity plays a part in his work and which James Dyson Awards entries have stuck with him over the years.

Animation, in its many forms, is all about illusion. The folks who work in animation shooting film, doing make-up and creating video games go to great lengths to invent the tricks and illusions we’ve come to expect in entertainment. Vancouver Film School (VFS) trains animators to work in a variety of fields, such as in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and Special Effects (SFX).

While walking my dog (I realize many of my posts start this way), I noticed hanging among the leafless branches of an old cherry tree, a mossy Christmas stocking with a round golf ball-sized opening. I wondered what kind of nest it could be.

Pi (pronounced “pie”) is a mathematical constant equal to the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Could insecticides be harming the pollinators our crops depend on? In the past few decades, honeybee colonies across North America have been mysteriously vanishing at a rapid rate in a phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

While swapping stories in the lunch room, I found out that one of our colleagues, Steve Duncan from Building Engineering, is leading a double life!