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Yes, chickens can do math. Okay...only simple math, but math nonetheless. How do we know? A study conducted in Italy showed that chicks can add and subtract using numbers smaller than five.

Only a few times in my life can I say that I have ever had lunch with so many interesting people. While enjoying delicious food at Nuba, I caught up with former Barbara Brink Interns—each with a fascinating story to share.

But just to throw the question out there (you can’t blame me, here at Science World we love asking questions after all)—what could we add to the “Create Memories, Not Garbage” mantra, especially if we want to really spark the curiosity of our children (and not-so-children)? I propose this: give them permission to have fun and make mistakes.

My name is Wes Wilson and I am a scientist and cancer researcher here in Vancouver. I first learned about the Scientists and Innovators in the Schools (SIS) program in February of 2014 and couldn’t have been more excited to join and share my knowledge.

Bubbles are scientific? That was the question I had when I first realized there was a Bubbles show at Science World. Then, after watching the show and learning more about bubbles leading up to doing my own first Bubbles show, I learned that there is a lot of science and math involved. Specifically, there’s a special chemistry and even geometry when it comes to making bubbles.

My ten-year-old just discovered popping candy and declared it as the best thing ever. I tried to convince her that her innards would explode, but she would have none of that myth. That got me wondering what exactly was going on with the stuff.

In October, I enjoyed the highlight of my time as a volunteer with Science World's Scientists and Innovators in the Schools program. I was fortunate to visit a First Nations community north of Fort St James in the BC Central Interior. Yekooche is small in the sense of their population (approximately 150 residents), but what the community lacks in numbers, they more than make up for in enthusiasm, community spirit and caring for each other.