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On lazy hazy summer days, I keep walking into spider webs while walking my dog. I try to convert annoyances into sources of wonder, so I checked out the web to learn about webs.

Ski season is almost here! It's time to dust off your skis, grab your poles and prepare the main engine thrusters for blast-off, because this is no ordinary ski trip we're talking about. Think farther away than Whistler, much bigger than Aspen and way more remote than the peaks of the Himalayas—let's go skiing on the moon!

Trimming toenails too short is a common cause for ingrown toenails because then the nail groove is more likely to overlap with the corner of the nail. If the shoes are too tight or toe injuries can make it worse. If you are born with more curvy nails, you will be more prone to these problems.

Mimosa pudica responds to touch (thigmonasty), heat (thermonasty) and darkness (nyctinasty) by folding up its leaves, possibly in part as a deterrent to herbivores.

Yes, chickens can do math. Okay...only simple math, but math nonetheless. How do we know? A study conducted in Italy showed that chicks can add and subtract using numbers smaller than five.

Only a few times in my life can I say that I have ever had lunch with so many interesting people. While enjoying delicious food at Nuba, I caught up with former Barbara Brink Interns—each with a fascinating story to share.