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Lighthouse Park is unique for it's 75 hectares of virgin rainforest, which contains the city's last remaining first-growth Douglas fir trees. Join us for a closer look at the Douglas fir, the Western Redcedar and the mysterious Arbutus tree!

Favourite Teacher

As a tribute to all amazing teachers, past and present, we thought we'd pick the brains of #TeamScienceWorld and chat with them about their favourite teacher.

first internet message.jpg
“How big is the internet?” In order to answer the question, I needed to take a step back and first ask: “What is the internet?”
animal inside out

"Where do the animals come from?" This is the first question we get asked when someone learns that Body World’s, ANIMAL INSIDE OUT, exhibition will be coming to Science World at TELUS World of Science starting October 3. The concern is that the animals were harmed or killed for the exhibition (which first opened in Germany in 2010).

heterochromia: one eye is a different colour than the other

While watching an otherwise tedious movie my daughter wanted to watch, I amused myself by focussing on things of scientific interest featured in the film: the Segway the protagonist’s vehicles, the exotic bird that attacked him, and in particular, his nemesis, who had differently coloured eyes. I wondered if this really was a thing.

Rubik's cubes
After thirty-five years, I finally "solved" a Rubik's cube. I was in high school when they first came out and, try as I might, I never got beyond one face. Fast forward to middle age and my daughter buys a dollar store knock-off "magic cube." It came with a sheet of illustrated instructions but didn't move very smoothly and kept falling apart.
Lower pH brings blue and higher pH brings red.

Of the myriad of flowers blooming in my neighbourhood, among the most impressive are the bushes covered in pompoms. You may know these botanical cheerleaders as hydrangeas.