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Looking to get out of the house and hang out with other high school students? Ever wanted to explore our science centre with your friends and without the adults and little kids around? Here's your chance. 

Drop by Science World at TELUS World of Science for one of our events that are perfect for a young adult audience. From free lectures to SWEET (Science World Extravagant Evenings for Teens) events, there's always something going on that you shouldn't miss.

Upcoming SWEET Events: February 27, May 8 and June 26

Opening the Door

Join us on Thursday, March 5, for another free Opening the Door event for grade 10–12 students interested in pursuing careers in science and technology.

Thursday, March 5
4:30pm–6:30pm (check-in starts at 4pm)

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Opening the Door is a networking opportunity that encourages students to keep the door to science open by introducing them to various career paths. Grade 10–12 students will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to a variety of industry professionals and ask questions about their educational background, job, how they entered their field and other career-related information.

For more information:  otd@scienceworld.ca 

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