Teen Events

Looking to get out of the house and hang out with other high school students? Ever wanted to explore our science centre with your friends and without the adults and little kids around? Here's your chance. 

Drop by Science World at TELUS World of Science for one of our events that are perfect for a young adult audience. From free lectures to SWEET (Science World Extravagant Evenings for Teens) events, there's always something going on that you shouldn't miss.

We host five SWEET events each school year. Mark these dates on your calendar!

2015: October 23, November 13
2016: February 12, April 22 & June 24

Opening the Door

Considering a career in science, technology, engineering or math? Want to learn more about different career options that are available to you? Then you're in luck! Opening the Door connects high school students to people across BC who are keen on sharing their knowledge and expertise with young people interested in exploring exciting careers in science and tech.

This month, meet with mentors who have careers in animal science, then stay and explore our feature exhibition, Animal Inside Out.

Monday, October 19
TELUS World of Science

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Opening the Door is a networking opportunity that encourages students to keep the door to science open by introducing them to various career paths. Grade 10–12 students will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to a variety of industry professionals and ask questions about their educational background, job, how they entered their field and other career-related information.

For more information, email us at otd@scienceworld.ca

High School Day

High School Days

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month, join us for exclusive high school field trip programming—no elementary classes allowed!

Next event: October 20

All our 2015 High School Days offer:

Exclusive offerings by day:

October 20

The first 3 classes to book a field trip for October 20 will receive free entry to BODY WORLDS: ANIMAL INSIDE OUT with their paid general field trip admission.

Special guest: Let's Talk Science UBC
Activities include DNA extraction, simulated blood analysis and other forensics and epidemiology activities to help solve the mystery of a zombie outbreak.

Special guest: Kathryn Post (PhD Candidate, Neuroscience, UBC)
Kathryn is an expert in brain development and the effects of genetic differences found in autism spectrum disorder. Explore brain anatomy by making a brain hat.

Check back soon. We're busy making arrangements for even more special guests and events!

SWEET: Zombie Apocalypse

This free evening for teens is offered in partnership with Let’s Talk Science UBC. In this staged mystery, a mysterious new virus is spreading throughout Vancouver. We don't know how this infection got started, but we do know that we need your help to find the source of the virus and figure out how to stop it in order to keep people safe!

Friday, October 23

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This event is for youth ages 13–18.

Guests will also have a chance to visit our newest feature exhibition, BODYWORLDS: ANIMAL INSIDE OUT, for free!

Event Schedule

7pm: Zombie Apocalypse

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