Special Guests and Activities

Expand your visit by attending some of our special programming. From performers to make-and-take crafts, our added activities will help you grow your curiosity and enjoy the magic of science and art.​​​

Check out our weekday and weekend programs below!

Vincent Tong Voice Actor

Vincent has been creating voices in animation for over 5 years. He was featured as the villain, "The Mandarin," in Iron Man:Armored Adventures and is the voice of Kai in Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Sunday, April 26
Peter Brown Family Centre Stage

Join us for this Iron Chef inspired activity and go away with great prizes and memories! After registering on-site (all ages welcome!), 10 teams will have 5 minutes to design and 30 minutes to build a creation based on a specific theme using a mystery "ingredient."

May 9 & 10
Dyson Innovation Lab

Meet scientists, researchers and other science-based professionals! Engage in activities and learn about experiences related to their fields of expertise.

May 9 & 10