Special Guests and Activities

Expand your visit by attending some of our special programming. From performers to make-and-take crafts, our added activities will help you grow your curiosity and enjoy the magic of science and art.​​​

Check out our weekday and weekend programs below!

Science World Weekend Programming

Discover the wonders of honeybees and other insects while rolling your own small candle from 100% pure beeswax.

Friday, October 24

Community Science Celebration

Take part in dozens of hands-on experiments and activities using everyday supplies you can find around your home. Don't forget to watch our special Dollar Store Science show at the Peter Brown Family Centre Stage!

October 25 & 26

Looking for more science experiments you can do at home? Check out the hundreds of free activities available on our Resources website.

Do you have the right stuff to be a paper pilot? Find out what makes an airplane fly. Discover the four forces at work that allow flight to happen. Try your hand at making your own paper airplane, helicopter or tumblewing glider!

October 25 & 26
11am–1pm and 2pm–4pm
Eureka! Gallery

Around the Dome Short Film Festival

There are many ways to look at light and incorporate it into the medium of film. Check out these amazing films that interpret light in new ways.

September 27–October 26
Science Theatre

Science World Weekend Programming

Take part in the spookiest shadow puppet theatre show in Vancouver! Kids of all ages are invited to create cut-out characters and explore the science of light and shadows in our spooky shadow puppet tent.​

October 28–November 2