Special Guests and Activities

Expand your visit by attending some of our special programming. From performers to make-and-take crafts, our added activities will help you grow your curiosity and enjoy the magic of science and art.​​​

Check out our weekday and weekend programs below!

Winter Lab, Science World Winter Break activities

Experiment with mirrors and prisms, check out live performances and make wearable circuits—accessories with LED lights and batteries that you design and build yourself!

Blue Macaw. Photo credit: Oleg Alexandrov

From blue and gold macaws, to the bromeliads hosting an entire ecosystem within their leaves, rainforests are rich in biodiversity. Join educators from the Bloedel Conservatory to examine colourful feathers from tropical birds, test your knowledge of the rainforest and discover how poison dart frogs, dragonflies and crabs depend on air plants high up in the canopy to survive. Get a glimpse of Vancouver's pocket of tropical splendour, perched atop Queen Elizabeth Park, at the highest point in the city.

January 17 & 18

Meet scientists, researchers and other science-based professionals! Engage in activities and learn about experiences related to their fields of expertise.

2nd Saturday & Sunday of the month

Join us for this Iron Chef inspired activity and go away with great prizes and memories! After registering on-site (all ages welcome!), 10 teams will have 5 minutes to design and 30 minutes to build a creation based on a specific theme using a mystery "ingredient."

2nd Saturday & Sunday of the month
Dyson Innovation Lab