Caution for sensitive viewers

ANIMAL INSIDE OUT features a few human organs and body parts, as well as a male body plastinate with eyes and genitals. Human examples are included to offer a comparison between human and animal anatomy.

See the world’s most spectacular creatures like never before.

October 3, 2015—March 28, 2016

BODY WORLDS creator and anatomist, Dr Gunther von Hagens takes you on an anatomical safari with ANIMAL INSIDE OUT. As you explore this captivating exhibition, you will experience the intricate biology, zoology and physiology of a variety of the world’s most spectacular creatures.

ANIMAL INSIDE OUT contains more than 100 specimens that have been painstakingly preserved by the remarkable process of Plastination, invented by Dr von Hagens. Students will be able to examine the anatomical intricacies of familiar and exotic animals like giraffes, camels and octopuses. This exhibition is an unforgettable way for students to learn about animal science