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Find a Gift of Wonder at Science World

With the holiday season just weeks away, there’s no need to panic if you haven’t completed your shopping. Avoid the crowds at the mall and the canned Christmas music by shopping at Kaleidoscope, Science World’s science store. Located to the left of Science World’s main entrance, Kaleidoscope is a wonderland of cool science-based gifts that will help ignite wonder and empower the dreams of the kids on your gift list.

Studies have shown that too much screen time is having a negative impact on kids of all ages from babies to teens. Screen time may lead to childhood obesity, sleep disturbances, delayed language acquisition and poor grades. Reducing screen time and increasing playtime is a gift you can give to the kids on your list when you choose one of the fun, educational, science toys at Kaleidoscope.

This year, give the gift of active engagement, joyful discovery, problem-solving skills and boundless imagination (and scientific knowledge, of course!).

Wonder Wall from $6.99–$119.99

WEDGiTS Building Blocks by Specialty Toys Network
Recommended age: 1–12
Award-winning WEDGiTS building blocks can be nested, stacked, linked and wedged together to create hundreds of designs. These multi-dimensional building sets include Wee WEDGiTS (ages 1–3), WEDGiTS (ages 2–10), Magnetic WEDGNETiX (ages 5 and up) and Mini WEDGiTS (ages 5–12).

Mix or Match Vehicles by Popular Playthings
Recommended age: 3 and up
A hidden magnetic locking system allows children to easily snap parts together to build vehicles such as a dump truck, dragster, boat, train, airplane, helicopter or space shuttle. Parts can be taken apart and reassembled into countless combinations. All Mix or Match Vehicle sets are fully compatible.

Bamboo Builder Marble Run by Fat Brain Toys
Recommended age: 4–10
This sturdy marble run set is made of bamboo and other sustainable materials. It comes with marbles, rope marble catchers and instructions. Sets come in various sizes and can be combined. Children master early engineering skills, fine motor skills and visual spatial skills while having tons of fun.

Marble Run Building Sets by Quercetti
Recommended age: 4 and up
Made in Italy, these marble run sets include spirals, funnels, columns, slides, bridges, base pieces and marbles for hours of imaginative play. Sets range in complexity for different age groups. Children learn to experiment with trial and error while building the design on the box or creating an original design.

Gears Starter Building Set by Learning Resources
Recommended age: 4 and up
These colourful spinning gears offer children an open-ended building experience that allows for hours of creative fun while building critical thinking and STEAM skills. Sets come in various sizes and complexity, including CycleGears and Gears Super Set.

STEAM Kits from $9.99–$49.99

Robot Turtles by Thinkfun
Recommended age: 4 and up
Designed by a programming expert, the Robot Turtles board game teaches children and adults key programming principles in a fun, easy-to-learn way. Based on the Logo programming language, players write programs with playing cards and face levels of increasing difficulty.

littlecodr by littlecodr games inc.
Recommended age: 4–8
This fun card game introduces young children to the basics of coding (but anyone can play). Like Robot Turtles, littlecodr was funded originally on Kickstarter. Kids lay out a sequence of action cards that will move their parent or other player from point A to point B, with more advanced cards included.

SMATH by Pressman Toy Corp.
Recommended age: 6 and up
The board game that makes math fun! Players sharpen their math skills as they take turns building crossword-style equations with tiles on the game board. Beginners start with addition and subtraction, while more advanced players can also use multiplication and division.

Dragon Times by Phinest Software Ltd.
Recommended age: 6 and up
This adventure fantasy card game helps children practise the multiplication table in a fun and exciting way. Players learn about factors, multiples and division while they save and tame dragons to restore peace in the Kingdom and become the Apprentice of the Great Dragon Master.

Valence and Valence Plus by Science Ninjas
Recommended age: Valence 8–12, Valence Plus 8 and up
These card games make chemistry fun! Valence teaches basic and advanced chemistry concepts in a way that reaches students of all knowledge levels in the study of chemistry. In Valence Plus, players build elite science ninja teams out of elements from the periodic table to find molecules and win the game.

Discovering Stem kits by Engino
Recommended age: 8–16 and up
Budding engineers and scientists will learn about complex concepts while having fun building the models in these kits. For example, the Mechanics Cams & Cranks set allows kids to build eight working models, and includes an illustrated instruction manual, experimental activities, and theory and facts.

SmartLab Toys from $29.99–59.99

Recommended age: 8 and up
SmartLab Toys’ STEAM products have won more than 50 awards since 2004. Science World carries a variety of lab kits that will provide hours of scientific learning disguised as laboratory fun, including:

Extreme Secret Formula Lab
Make glowing slime, technicolour foam and hard rock candy.

Ultimate Secret Formula Lab
Conduct 40 chemistry experiments with the Experimentation Station.

Slime Lab
Make slime in a motorized slime activator.

It’s Alive! Slime Lab
Concoct Franken Slime, Mucus Monsters and more!

Glow in the Dark Lab
Make glowing slime, bouncing glow balls and much more.

Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab
Mix and match 60 pieces to build unlimited contraptions.

Aftershock! Earthquake Lab
Create seismic waves with the dual-action shake table!

Ultimate Vortex Generator
Create a tornado in a beaker!

Archi-Tech Electronic Smart House
Learn the fundamentals of electric circuitry.

Squishy Human Body by SmartLabs
Recommended age: 8 and up
Children get to know the human body inside and out with this realistic model and anatomy book. Kids discover the amazing world of the human body, complete with removable organs, muscles and bones. Trace the progress of a slice of pizza through the human body.


KEVA Blocks by Mindware from $24.99–$119.99
Recommended age: 3 and up
These popular building planks are used around the world by children and adults to build structures that are limited only by the imagination. KEVA planks are inspiring tomorrow’s architects and engineers who discover they have an aptitude for building at an early age. Science World carries a variety of KEVA sets, including:

KEVA Connect (ages 3 and up)
Brain Builders Junior (ages 4 and up)
KEVA Structures (ages 5 and up)
KEVA Maple (ages 5 and up)
Brain Builders (ages 7 and up)
KEVA Contraptions (ages 7 and up)

Plush Organs by I Heart Guts – $27.99
Who knew that human organs could be so cute and cuddly? Science World carries a wide selection of these plush organs that are sure to bring a smile to your face. From hearts to stomachs to eyeballs to placentas and much more, you’ll find a unique organ-appropriate gift.

Snap Circuits by Elenco from $29.99–$129.99
Recommended age: 8–108
Award-winning Snap Circuits provide a hands-on experience in the design and building of working electrical circuits. A clear, concise illustrated manual is included and is also available online. The parts snap together and require no tools. A great way to sneak in some STEAM learning.

Science World Gift Cards
Other options for the science lovers on your list are Science World gift cards. They can be redeemed for admission to Science World, on Memberships, for OMNIMAX® movie tickets or on Kaleidoscope purchases.

The Kaleidoscope staff will be happy to answer any of your questions or help you find that perfect gift.

Are you a Science World Member? Members get 15% off all purchases at Kaleidoscope! Check out our store hours. You don’t need to pay for admission to shop at the store. Happy shopping!

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