Sharon tries Science World on for size.

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Friday, January 22, 2016 - 1:00pm

A New Face at Science World

Hello Educators!

My name is Sharon Lapwood, I am fresh on the scene at Science World and will be taking over the Educators' Blog and some of the other initiatives we at Science World use to connect with and support teachers in BC.

I recently moved to Vancouver from Wellington, New Zealand, where I had been in the classroom teaching science and chemistry. When selling all your possessions and moving to the other side of the world, it’s natural to appraise every aspect of your life. So I caught myself thinking, "How can I continue to promote scientific literacy and help young people develop into confident, connected, lifelong learners in my adopted city?"

Lo and behold, here I am at Science World, working towards just that!

My timing couldn’t be better; with the implementation of BC’s new curriculum it is an incredibly exciting time to be in science education. The new curriculum’s focus on inquiry supports and strengthens our ability as educators to teach how science works, as opposed to filling our learner’s heads with what science has found out already. In June, we at Science World told BC teachers a bit about our project to support schools as we all align our teaching with the new 21st Century framework. As School Engagement Project Manager, my chief consideration will be keeping the many branches of this plan working in sync to aid teachers in this exciting transition.

For more information about the Supporting Schools for Science Education in the 21st Century project contact Sharon Lapwood, School Engagement Project Manager: [email protected]


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