Thanks to support from funds raised at Science World’s Science of Cocktails 2019, we are thrilled to offer bursaries to underserved schools to support their class field trips in the 2019/20 school year.

Bursaries subsidize 50 to 100% of general admission, and return transportation (school bus fees or Translink invoice up to $500, unless otherwise identified) for one to two classes per request.
The balance of the fees must be provided by the school.
The transportation portion of the bursary will be reimbursed to your school following your visit (school bus or bulk transit purchase only). For more information about pre-purchasing transit tickets please visit Translink
Science World class field trip bursaries do not fund overnight trips or the cost of parking (there is no school bus parking available at TELUS World of Science).
The field trip bursary will not be applied to school programs, OMNIMAX® films, and special exhibition charges (unless indicated below). 

We are delighted to provide the Tech-Up bursary option for students in grades K–9. Schools which select this option will receive the regular bursary, as well as: 

  • Tech-Up school workshop (subject to availability) for your grade level: Early Coding: Robot Mice grades K–2, Senses and Sensors grades 3–4, Ozobot Dance-Off grades 5–6 or Tinkering with Code grades 7–9.

Tell us about your TELUS World of Science field trip plans

Bursaries are available to a maximum of 2 classes. If your school plans to send more than 2 classes on a field trip to TELUS World of Science please complete a separate application for the additional classes.

Please plan your field trip between September 2019 and January 2020.

How much financial assistance do you need in order for your class(es) to visit TELUS World of Science?

Up to $500 reimbursed to the school following your visit after Science World receives a copy of your school bus or Translink invoice. We will not reimburse for Translink single tickets.

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