Wonder Climb


Climb is our tallest exhibit ever and it’s all about climbing and discovering. It’s designed to encourage children ages 3-5 to take healthy risks in a safe environment. For those explorers who make it to the highest platform, they can hoist flags of their own design up a pulley and check out the gallery below through a telescope. A periscope that reaches to the highest platform offers kids at the bottom a view of what’s going on at the top.

When your child is playing in the CLIMB area….

In the suspended steps of the climber, multiple pathways give children the opportunity to practice decision-making and problem-solving, to take safe risks, to engage in physical activity, and to see the gallery from different perspectives.

From the top of the climber, children can see the gallery from different vantage points. Climbing changes children’s visual perspectives of the objects and people below, and using the telescope on the climber allows children to see faraway objects up close and changes their points-of-view.

What does the research say?

Children develop from solving simple problems with 2-step moves (around age 4) to making decisions that require planning 3 or 4 moves ahead (around ages 5 and 6).

Perspective-taking, a form of thinking that requires you to ‘see the world from another person’s point of view’, develops around 3 or 4 years of age. The understanding that another person (in a different location) has a unique point of view is evident in 5-6 year-old children.

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