Alex Black

Alex has spent much of his time as a hospitality professional accumulating accolades, awards and certifications from multiple bodies including the International Sommelier's Guild and the Beverage Alcohol Resource Group. He is a Certified Specialist in Spirits as appointed by the Society of Wine Educators and recent graduate of Pernod Ricard and Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne's Maison Program. 

Twitter: @blacktending
IG: @blacktending

Amber Bruce

Senior Bartender at Keefer Bar. Former Bar Manager at Cuchillo Restaurant. Winner Absolut Big White Bartending Competition 2015. Regional finalist Diageo World Class Bartender of the Year Competition 2015.

Instagram: @amberbruce
Twitter: @thatamberbruce

Andrea Civettini

Italian travelling bartender with 3 years bartending experience in Sydney and Barcelona (Paradiso cocktail Bar) just moved in Vancouver 2 months ago to learn and enjoy as much as I can! Actually working in Clough Club.

Brice Peressini

Brice's passion for bartending was found through the ability to host and entertain guests, facilitated by beautiful and tasty drinks. The connection made, and the conversations facilitated, over a well prepared drink is what excites him most. You can find Brice behind the stick at The Victor on the sixth floor of Parq Vancouver.


Cam Brown

Clough Club

I've been a bartender for almost 10 years. I've recently moved back to Vancouver from Kelowna. I take most opportunities to travel and learn and do my best to be a part of our local bartending community as well as the global community.

Carolyn Yu

Carolyn started bartending three years ago and has since found her bearing and style behind the wood. Formerly a tattoo artist, she has an eye for detail and aesthetics that she uses to produce beautiful and balanced drinks. Adventure, food and art are her vices, and from time to time, a little tequila wouldn't hurt either. You can find her as Lead Bartender of Parq, Vancouver's premier urban resort in the heart of downtown. Instagram & Twitter: @tattoo_giggles

Chris Enns

Chris started bartending nine years ago, like most, as a way to help pay for school. His favorite subjects were biology and chemistry. He believes that the knowledge that everything is connected at a common biological level helps bartending not only with flavour pairings but most importantly with serving his guests. It didn't take long before the passion for bartending took over and it became more than a side gig. Originally from Saskatoon, Chris made the move out west two and a half years ago, and worked hard to land a position at Gastown's The Diamond. After a second place finish at 2016's Diagio World Class & Grey Goose Pour Masters, Chris looks forward to this year's Bacardi Legacy where his 'El Patrimonio' will be representing Vancouver on the national stage.

Christos Kalaitzis

Born and raised in Greece, Christos Kalaitzis honed his passion for the beverage world through coffee by learning the intricate techniques of milling, roasting, use of equipment and speed tending.

After working as the Bar Manager at the Pentelikon 5 Stars Luxury Hotel in Kifisia, Kalaitzis has since become a Spirits Brand Ambassador and Mixologist at Central City Brewers & Distillers in Surrey, British Columbia. In this role, he continues to craft new cocktails, while consulting on spirits development. Recently, he travelled to the United States to judge at the 2016 San Diego International Spirits Competition.

Christopher Ward

Gillespies Fine Spirits

@barhoppa on Instagram and The Bar Hopper on YouTube.

Cody Pollard

Fermented Dining

I absolutely love this fundraiser, and I was so disappointed when I couldn't make it last year due to the snowpacalpse the day before. I love supporting events like this and I still dream of being able to do an event at Science World, so hopefully I can make it happen this year.

Colin MacDougall

While he's a dyed-in-the-wool "Bluenoser" who originally hails from Nova Scotia, Colin MacDougall travelled far and wide before settling on the West Coast, where he has become the newest top-shelf acquisition for an already well-respected and dedicated team at Corby's/Pernod-Ricard. While he may be new to his role as J.P. Wiser's Brand Ambassador, Colin is no stranger to the nuances, reputation, and ever-expanding reach that Canadian Whisky is cultivating both at home and around the globe, having been a seasoned spirit and beverage program consultant, cocktail menu architect and familiar face behind the bar as assistant manager and manager at a number of award-winning restaurant including West and Blue Water Cafe in Vancouver since 2007. For Colin, representing a homegrown spirit is more than simply an occupation - it's a golden opportunity to educate loyal fans and new acolytes alike and champion the very best that Canada has to offer. 

Damon Hanly

I have 20 years of bartending experience and have worked in night clubs, pubs, tourist resorts and bistros. I love people and also I am currently studying herbology and plan to incorporate that in my future recipes.

Dave Simpson

Dave Simpson is the founder and president of The Bartenders’ Guild, Canada. Dave has over 18 years experience judging, competing and training bartenders abroad in the fine art of flair and cocktail bartending. His vocation with The Bartenders’ Guild has been responsible for Flairfest, Canada’s longest running flair bartending competition. During his years in the industry Dave has been featured in several publications, television productions, and signature events, most notably with the MTV music network, The Masters in Augusta, and the nationally syndicated Rachael Ray Show in NYC.

Faron Bainbridge

I began my bartending career at Chill Winston under the wings of some very talented bartenders. After putting in my due time I elevated myself to bar manager and continued with them until shortly before they shut down; Bao Down Snack Bar had opened down the street and the opportunity to help them launch the restaurant and handle their bar program presented itself so I made the switch. I am now the consultant for their beverage program amongst all locations, and look forward to the future of more Bao Down spots opening across Canada.

Gez McApline

Cutting his teeth in the influential bar scene of Melbourne, Gez Mcalpine has worked in some of the top cocktail establishments from all over the map alongside world leaders in cocktail culture. After finding home in Vancouver, Gez led the team at the iconic Keefer bar, Vancouver’s premier destination for craft cocktails. During this time, competition success took him to all corners of the globe, representing Canada in global competitions like Beefeater MIXLDN, Diplomatico World tournament and Giffard West Cup. As of 2016, Gez has traded the barspoon and shaker for an Ambassador hat and now travels the country as western brand ambassador for Bruichladdich single malt and the Botanist gin, spreading the story of this progressive Hebridean distillery and bringing years of industry experience and spirits expertise to bartenders and consumers alike. 

Grant Sceney

Head bartender at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel. Winner of Diageo World Class Canada Bartending Competition 2014. Finished in the top six at the 2014 Diageo World Class Global Bartender of the Year Competition in London, England.

Jan Eim

The New Oxford and Tavern

Passionate bartender/manager originally from the Czech Republic with 7 years of experience from both Europe and Canada.  

Jason Laidlaw

With well over 20 years in the nightlife industry, and 15 years and counting behind the bar, Jason brings a wide range of bartending, nightlife, promotional, and marketing experience to his bartending adventures.
Getting behind the wood as a way to put himself through a degree at the University of British Columbia, Jason fell in love with the hospitality industry, with service culture and with cocktail craft and history and has never looked back.  
Having worked in nightclubs, fine dining establishments, and private clubs, Jason now spends his time behind the wood at The Shameful Tiki Room, serving rum, stories and enjoyment to the citizens of Vancouver and the world, accompanied by gongs and smoke.  He furthers his own and other’s education and passion through his work with the CPBA and with his monthly book club for bartenders.

Jenner Cormier

Halifax native. 10 years of experience in hospitality industry. In his 4th year with World Class Canada as a judge and ambassador. Winner of Diageo World Class Canada 2013, BOL’s Around the World competition 2013. 

Joe Luckhurst

Joe Luckhurst worked for Road 13 from Vancouver for several years. In 2012 Joe left Vancouver to throw himself into the everyday operations of the family business and early in 2014 he took the helm as General Manager. With a work ethic that is oddly familiar to the rest of the team at Road 13, he seems to have fully embraced Mick's adage, "owners don't need days off."

With his wife and new daughter at his side, Road 13 Vineyards is the definition of a family winery.


Jon Smolensky

Ever since graduating university in 2003, Jonathan Smolensky has been part of the hospitality community in some capacity in Canada. Starting as a sales director for a BC winery and then later as a bartender/sommelier in fine dining restaurant settings, it wasn’t long before Jonathan went from drinking wines and sharing them with his friends, to making syrups out of them for cocktails. In 2011, Jonathan turned his attention fully to Sovereign Canada, a by the bartender/sommelier for the bartender/sommelier liquor agency that he had created to fulfill these motivations. 

Jonathan is also the Corporate Liaison for the Canadian Professional Bartenders Association, helping to connect brands with bartenders; he is always finding new initiatives to help advance the Canadian hospitality sector alongside his fellow industry colleagues.


Jordan Stacey

Jordan has been a fixture in the Canadian bartending community for many years and is an industry leader with his experience as a bartender, mixologist, bar manager, and general manager at some of Toronto's most influential bars and restaurants. Previous to his roll with Ungava Spirits Co. he was the Brand Ambassador for Absolut Vodka. During that time, Jordan had the opportunity to travel around the world visiting different bars, restaurants, and distilleries. He gained a knowledge of spirit production while witnessing firsthand some of the emerging trends in not only in food, cocktails, service and atmosphere, but in spirits themselves as well. Jordan is excited to bring all of that experience to Ungava Spirits Co. where he is eager to share what he has learned with the next generation of passionate hospitality professionals. 

JS Dupuis

I came to BC from Québec in 1999 where I landed in Whistler, I worked in various establishments from nightclubs to fine dinning restaurants. After 5 years at the helm of the Bearfoot Bistro's Beverage Program, I moved to Vancouver in 2011 to take over the bar program at Tableau Bar Bistro, now part of the Wentworth hospitality Group. We opened Homer St. Café & Bar in 2013 and after 3 years with the group, I tried my hand at sales for Charton-Hobbs, it was then my first participation at Science of the Cocktail with Ardbeg Whisky. I left the sales to go back to my one and only love, bartending, when I took over the beverage program as Beverage Director at Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar. The call was too strong from my previous group and I returned to Wentworth hospitality group in 2017 as Corporate Beverage Director, overseeing Tableau Bar Bistro , Homer St. Café & Bar as well as our newest addition, Musette Caffè.


Keenan Hood

Bar Manager of The Keefer Bar. Past finalist of the CPBA cocktail challenge. Past finalist of Made with Love Vancouver mixology competition.


Keith Trusler

Brand Ambassador at Corby Spirit and Wine Limited. Former Bar Manager at Bluewater Café and Raw Bar.

A true Renaissance Man, Keith Trusler brings to his role as Brand Ambassador a well-developed taste for the finer things in life, from fashion, design and culture to food, drink and travel. An educator, influencer and avowed aficionado of the culture and lifestyle surrounding all things whisky, Keith travels far and wide extolling the virtues of single-malt in a position that is perfectly suited to his thirst for adventure, creativity and entertaining. Beyond simply showcasing whisky, Keith revels in elevated dining experiences where he can indulge in and explore a wide array of flavors, combinations and cuisines that challenge convention and make people think twice about the endless pairing possibilities.

Kevin Brownlee

Kevin Brownlee, Bacardi Portfolio Ambassador for British Columbia, has played an integral role in Vancouver's cocktail industry over the last 7 years. An Associate Director with the Canadian Professional Bartender's Association and winner of multiple local and national bartending competitions - including the prestigious Grey Goose Pour Masters Canada, in 2015 - the former Bar Manager of AnnaLena and previous tender of bar at the Pourhouse and West Restaurants has turned in his shaker and strainer for the Ambassador blazer. Now he spends much time traveling the globe supporting brand related events, mentoring young bartenders and educating consumers and industry professionals on the nuances, history of all the premium spirits in the Bacardi portfolio. 

Matt Majid

Matt, from Elite Cocktails, is a career show bartender having achieved 21 first place competition finishes internationally as well as the owner and head trainer of the Vancouver based performance bartending team. He uses “Flair”, as it’s often called, for more than just flipping bottles but as a way of making cocktails more approachable by highlighting the entertainment aspect of drink service. Whether it be with a quick pun, funny cocktail name or seamless acrobatic pours, it’s clear that he strives to make a special experience for his every one of guests. He has also put Canadian flair bartending back on the world stage with the Elite Cocktails Instagram account having become one of the most followed of the genre. It features daily clips, beautiful cocktails and general insight into drink mixing culture. His words to ‘tend by: “There are only two things that matter about a cocktail. Will I order it? And will I order it again?” 

Max Borrowman

Max started bartending in 2006 at Earls in Kelowna. Working high volume patio bars and fine dining alike in Kelowna and Victoria set Max up for success from an early stage in his career.  He then moved to Vancouver in 2010, where he started learning about finely crafted cocktails from Jacob Sweetapple and Grant Sceney at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. The Lobby Lounge was his home for several years until last summer when he took on his first major Bar Manager role at the acclaimed Torafuku. Max has been competing at a high level since, going to Toronto for National cocktail competitions for both Beefeater Gin and Lot 40 Canadian Whisky.

Most recently, Max was a national finalist for Diageo World Class- the world's most prestigious cocktail competition. Now, Max is the Bar Manager at Juniper in Chinatown, where a neighbourhood of great restaurants and bars is exploding onto the scene.

Robyn Gray

Head bartender running three lounges at the Hotel Georgia with 400 seats. Secretary of the CPBA. Love creating drinks and using scientific process whislt talking all about it. I also own a centrifuge.

Stefano Righetti

Seeking for the challenge in front of me from the daily shift behind the bar to an important competition. Always working on improving my skills and learning new ways to provide the best experience from my guests. You can find me mixing spirits in a dark room called the Keefer bar.

Tarquin Melnyk

Tarquin Melnyk has been bartending in numerous cities for the past eight years. After settling in Vancouver in 2014 he took over the bar at Bambudda, Gastown - helping to turn it into one of Vancouver's most notable and adventurous cocktail bars. Through Bambudda came the collaboration that developed; makers of high quality bitters, syrups, purees and the Miraculous Foamer - which was recognized at #10 on The Spirit Business Top 50 Most Innovative Products in the World list for 2017. He is a freelance writer and photographer, often hosting content on the globally recognized . On a quest to elevate the conversation about beverage culture and to provide a lasting experience for everyone he serves.

Trevor Kallies

Bar & Beverage Director for the Donnelly Group

Since 2010 Trevor has been at the helm of the Bar & Beverage program of the Donnelly Group, overseeing the menus & profitability of 14 locations around Vancouver for beer, wine & cocktails. During his time of Beverage Director, Trevor has pioneered one of the strongest craft beer programs in Canada, created award winning cocktail lists and has been responsible for implementing company-wide training programs on service, product knowledge & cost of sales. In addition to managing the Donnelly Group beverage program, Trevor has competed in & won multiple cocktail & drink competitions including Craft of Cointreau, the Appleton Rum cocktail competition, the G’Vine Le GCP cocktail competition and placed highly in many other high profile drink challenges in Vancouver, across Canada & globally. In 2009 Trevor became a founding member of The Canadian Professional Bartender’s Association (CPBA), helping to form an organization that is now Canada-wide with members in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta & the Maritimes. In 2013 Trevor was elected the President of the BC Chapter of the CPBA and maintains that role today. In 2011 Trevor became part of the Cocktail Apprentice Program (CAP) at the infamous Tales of the Cocktail in their first ever ‘Tales on Tour’ in Vancouver. He has since been promoted to CAP Manager at the annual Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans where he helps manage a team of 60 global bartenders where they execute the seminars, cocktails and events at the biggest cocktail event in the world - working with Brand Ambassadors, Distillers & some of the best cocktails minds from around the world. Trevor has worked with Science of Cocktails as part of the organizational committee since its inception in 2016.


Olivia Povarchook


Reece Sims

The Diamond // Brix + Mortar


Remy Letendre

Library Square


Jacob Sweetapple

Absolut Brand Ambassador


Julia Comu



Kingsley Clark



Kaitlyn Stewart

Royal Dinette