Wyeth Maiers, Head Bartender for UVA Cocktail and Wine Bar & Cibo Trattoria
Wyeth Maiers adds a certain charm to the already very impressive team at Cibo Trattoria and UVA Wine and Cocktail Bar. He has a clear passion for hospitality beginning as a bar back at the Rouge restaurant in Gastown. From there he instantaneously fell in love with working behind the bar. His enthusiasm was quickly recognized by the Distillery Bar in Yaletown and was offered to begin his bartending career just over six years ago. Since then, he has had the opportunity to work with many talented bartenders in Vancouver. Throughout his experience, he has developed valuable knowledge that has driven him to expand his bartending career to the next level. Now currently the bar manager at Uva Wine and Cocktail Bar, where his passion has only become stronger. Wyeth has always admired others creativity in designing unique cocktails and grew passionately for creating his own. He frequently looks for new opportunities to expand his knowledge in the art of mixology and encourage other passionate individuals to develop their skill set as well. While enjoying participating in cocktail tours around Vancouver, as well as seeing new talent that inspire his imagination for new ideas. He hopes to continue to grow and develop further knowledge and extensive skills in order to advance his career and enjoy his passion for mixology.
Kristi-Leigh Akister, PiDGiN
Making her second appearance as a Science of Cocktails bartender, Kristi-Leigh loves what our community can accomplish, when we all come together.
Violette Alaouze, Lunitas Mexican Eatery
Violette is a server, bartender and the Front of House/Bar Manager for a busy, upbeat Mexican restaurant set on the waterfront in Gibsons, on the Sunshine Coast. Violette loves to make cocktails with a focus on fresh local ingredients. In her spare time, you will find Violette in the forest or on the beach with her dog.
Amanda Baker, Central City 
World traveller with a thirst for knowledge, Amanda has bartended in many different countries. She is in Vancouver to continue her studies and growth in the hospitality industry.
Marlee Baxter, OLO Restaurant
Hailing from Victoria, with a diverse background in cocktail bars and restaurants, Marlee is thrilled to be a part of the Science of Cocktails bartending team.
Max Borrowman, Juniper Kitchen & Bar
Bar Manager and a veteran in the Vancouver cocktail scene. Max is always seeking the next big thing in the global cocktail scene, drawing on inspiration from his travels.
Cam Brown, The Donnelly Group
With nearly 10 years of experience, Cam recently moved back to Vancouver from Kelowna. As a member of the local and global bartending communities, Cam makes the most of every opportunity to travel and learn.
Kevin Brownlee
Kevin is the Bacardi Portfolio Ambassador for British Columbia and Associate Director with the Canadian Professional Bartender's Association. Winner of multiple local and national bartending competitions, including the prestigious Grey Goose Pour Masters Canada, Kevin has turned in his shaker and strainer for the ambassador blazer. Now he spends much time travelling the globe supporting brand-related events, mentoring young bartenders and educating consumers and industry professionals on all the premium spirits in the Bacardi portfolio.
Amber Bruce, Keefer Bar
Senior Bartender at Keefer Bar. Former Bar Manager at Cuchillo Restaurant. Winner Absolut Big White Bartending Competition 2015. Regional finalist Diageo World Class Bartender of the Year Competition 2015.
Amber Campbell, New Oxford and Tavern
Bar Manager at The New Oxford and Tavern restaurants in Yaletown. Amanda credits her top-notch bartending skills to being part of The Donnelly Group for almost 3 years. As a very creative person, Amanda feels that bartending is a great way to express your ingenuity.
David Clark, Victoria Distillers
David brings 10 years of experience to the Science of Cocktails. With a background as bartender for the Empress Hotel and Market by Jean-Georges, along with a Bachelor of Tourism Management, David is now a distiller with Victoria Distillers.
Kira Clavell, Lavish
A returning Science of Cocktails bartender, Kira loves the science behind the creation of a beautiful beverage. She has demonstrated her skills in creating delicious cocktails on Global BC. Kira enjoys working with nitroglycerin, bitters, elixirs, tea smoke, spice and the perfect cube of ice. She loves to travel the world to explore new combinations that go into a well-made drink. She is looking forward to this year’s event to creative more enticing concoctions.
Lee Condie, Merridale
Sales representative with Merridale.
Aimee Corno, Tiki Room at The Waldorf
A career bartender and cocktail enthusiast, with a passion for high fives.
Jenee Craver, Sable Kitchen & Bar
Education and community have been Jenee’s focus over the last few years and she is Level 1 Sommelier and Bar 5-Day certified. She loves to learn the science behind cocktails and how things work and has some outrageous cocktail creation ideas. When not working, you can find Jenee cycling, running with her pup, drinking a Highlife immersed in cultural pursuits.
Cassandra Darmanovic, Wildebeest
High-energy, cocktail-focused bartender with nearly 5 years experience and an infectious smile.
Gregory Dechant, Sovereign
With 4 years in the wine and spirits industry, Gregory joined the Sovereign Canada team a year and a half ago. Sovereign focuses on more than just importing exceptional spirits to Canada; they also foster knowledge and innovation by hosting Spirits Sessions and Spirited Seminars. Giving back to the community is a core principle of Sovereign Spirits and Gregory is proud to help with that goal by participating in events like Science of Cocktails.
Jostin Del Rosario, The Donnelly Group 
With many years experience in the hospitality industry, Jostin brings his love for great food and beverages to the Science of Cocktails. As a returning bartender to this event,  Jostin enjoys the opportunity to share his passion for the craft and support the community.
Cassandra Dent, Glowbal
With 7 years experience and a love of the industry and events like this, when not serving up cocktails, Cassandra can be found with her pug or on the beach.
Michael Dumapias, Broken Shaker Miami
A bartender from Chicago currently residing in Miami, Michael hopes to grow his career and skill set. Interested in large events and training seminars, Michael has volunteered at the San Antonio Cocktail Conference, as well as the Chicago Cocktail Conference. His first time to Vancouver, Michael is “very excited to potentially get my hands dirty in the name of food science!”
JS Dupuis, Wentworth Hospitality Group
Bartender first, Beverage Director second, JS is passionate about the world of beverages and loves to spread the word about the fine art of cocktails.
Hossam Elshafei, Vancouver Club
An experienced cocktail bartender, Hossam expands his knowledge of spirits and techniques on a daily basis. His passion is to create cocktails and experiences.
Chris Enns, Fairmont Pacific Rim
Chris’s love of bartending began nine years ago, as a way to help pay for school. His favorite subjects were biology and chemistry. His belief that everything is connected at a biological level, has helped him with flavour pairings and to better serve his guests. Chris placed second at the 2016 Diagio World Class & Grey Goose Pour Masters. Chris looks forward to this year's Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition, where his El Patrimonio will represent Vancouver on the national stage.
Andrew Fletcher, Octavia Vodka
Freelance cocktail creative.
Josh Folgmann, Showcase Restaurant & Bar
A 15 year legacy in the industry, Josh was the Bar Captain at the Stanley Park Pavilion. You will find him now bartending at the Showcase Restaurant.
Keagan Funk, La Taqueria
Squeezin' limes and bustin' rhymes.
James Grant, Wilfred's
James hails from Edmonton, where he has had the pleasure of working on the bar teams at Woodwork, Holy Roller and Three Boars. He currently runs the bar program at Wilfred's, a neighbourhood diner and cocktail bar. He has competed at the World Class National Finals, Auchentoshan New Malt Order and Hennessy Finals. He lives with his enormous housecat Lucifer.
Robyn Gray
Robyn is Head Bartender for three lounges at the Hotel Georgia. Robyn is also the Secretary of the Canadian Professional Bartenders Association. Robyn loves the science behind creating cocktails and loves to share this knowledge with guests.
Sarah-Lyn Harding, Sher Club
Sarah-Lyn is currently in her 4th season of cheering on the Raptors and Leafs, while serving up drinks.
Jeff Hodges, Tableau French Bar Bistro
Working closely with Shane Clarke to help open Clarke and Co. in Victoria, Jeff is thirsty to learn and taste new flavours, styles and techniques of the cocktail industry. Jeff hopes to continue to develop his skills as he transitions to the cocktail game in NYC.
Rob Hoover, The Union
Rob has been bartending in Vancouver since 2013, and is currently Bar Manager at The Union, in Vancouver.  
Marika Huot-Semple, Kabinet
I am passionate about authentic techniques as well as new concepts . My personnal pride is my homemade hopped Amaro. I've also already brewed différent types of beer. Open to any learning experience!
Victoria Ireland, Hapa Izakaya
Victoria  is the Marketing Manager at Hapa Izakaya who were voted one of the “Top Five Izakayas in North America” by Bon Appétit Magazine.
Duncan Joseph, Central City Brewers & Distillers
Duncan is the Assistant Brand Manager for Spirits, RTD and Cider at Central City Brewers. He is excited to once again be a part of this event.
Christos Kalaitzis, Central City Brewers & Distillers
Born and raised in Greece, where he was the Bar Manager at the Pentelikon 5 Stars Luxury Hotel, Christos honed his passion for the beverage world by learning the intricate techniques of milling, roasting and speed tending coffee. Christos  is now a Spirits Brand Ambassador and Mixologist at Central City Brewers & Distillers in Surrey, where he continues to craft new cocktails, while consulting on spirits development.
Trevor Kallies, Bar & Beverage Director for the Donnelly Group
Since 2010, Trevor has been at the helm of the Bar & Beverage program at the Donnelly Group, overseeing the menus and profitability of 14 locations around Vancouver for beer, wine and cocktails. He has pioneered one of the strongest craft beer programs in Canada, created award winning cocktail lists and has been responsible for implementing company-wide training programs on service, product knowledge and cost of sales. Trevor has competed in and won multiple cocktail and drink competitions around the world including Craft of Cointreau, the Appleton Rum cocktail competition and the G’Vine Le GCP cocktail competition. In 2009, Trevor became a founding member of The Canadian Professional Bartender’s Association (CPBA). In 2011 Trevor became part of the Cocktail Apprentice Program (CAP) at the infamous Tales of the Cocktail in their first ever Tales on Tour in Vancouver. He has since been promoted to CAP Manager at the annual Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, where he helps manage a team of 60 global bartenders. In 2013, Trevor was elected the President of the BC Chapter of the CPBA and maintains that role today. Trevor has worked with Science of Cocktails as part of the organizational committee since its inception in 2016.
Martin Kovalcik, Cavo Bar & Kitchen
Martin is a bar manager, bartender and sommelier, with a Master’s in hospitality management.
Remy Letendre, Legacy Liquor Store
Remy brings his love of science and cocktails to this amazing event.
Anna Lohmann, Navy Strength, Dillinger's Cocktails & Kitchen, No Anchor
With a passion for STEM learning that goes back to middle school science camp for girls, Anna bartends in the most scientific way possible. This year, Anna will be attending Portland Cocktail Week as a student in the science/tech program. Ask her about her experiences with breaking codes and use a plasma welder.
Matt Majid, Elite Cocktails
Matt is a career show bartender. He holds 21 first place finishes in international competitions. Matt is also the owner and head trainer of the Vancouver-based performance bartending team. Flair bartending is more than just flipping bottles, it is a way of making the cocktail industry more accessible, by highlighting the entertainment aspect of drink service. Matt strives to make a special experience for his every one of guests. As Matt puts it, “There are only two things that matter about a cocktail: will I order it? And, will I order it again?”
Tazina Mangat, Lamplighter
Tazina is always up for adventure and loves bartending, because of the opportunity to meet great people with even greater stories! Tazina believes that being a part of the Science of Cocktails event will be a fun learning experience, while contributing to an amazing cause.
Tarquin Melnyk
Tarquin has been bartending for the past eight years. Amongst his notable successes are turning the Bambudda Gastown into one of Vancouver's most notable and adventurous cocktail bars, the development of—makers of high quality bitters, syrups and purees, and the Miraculous Foamer—recognized at #10 on The Spirit Business Top 50 Most Innovative Products in the World list for 2017. You can find his writings and photography on the globally recognized website,
Kelsey Mitchell, Cafe Mexico
With an extensive history in the hospitality industry, Kelsey is now immersed in all things tequila and mezcal at Cafe Mexico.
Carter Morgan, Tableau
Being new to the industry, Carter is excited to see where this industry will take him.
Natasha Mow, Central City Brew Pub
Natasha brings her 15 years of bartending experience to the Science of Cocktails.
Rebecca Olds, Central City Brew Pub
With eight years of bartending experience, Rebecca is currently working on her MA in psychology. Rebecca derives much joy from bartending and hopes to continue it as a hobby, once she is done school.
Mackenzie Ouellette, King Eddy 
Mackenzie loves to create new experiences for her guests. Fueled by a passion for cocktails and personal interactions, her background as the Food and Beverage Manager for the Charcut Roast House is now the  Assistant General Manager at the King Eddy which is attached to the National Music Centre, in Calgary.
Mark Paulhus, Joe Fortes
Mark, aka “Elvis,” has been part of the Joe Fortes team since 1994! Going from busser to bartender, Mark’s passion for excellence has earned him the title of Head Bartender, an honour he carries with great pride.
Brice Peressini, Omakase Consulting
Brice is a passionate bar professional who has recently ventured out on his own to share his knowledge of high-quality bar programs. His passion for drinks has merged with his study of finance to communicate positive solutions to global luxury hotel projects to executives who want results.
Rod Redford, The Dark Manor Inn
After an amazing year of being a travelling bartender, Rod has settled in at the Dark Manor.
Dylan Riches, Brix & Mortar
Dylan has been bartending in Vancouver for 5 years. He was part of Team Taco 2019, and is currently getting ready to move to Hong Kong.
Souhail Rostainajad, Coquille Fine Seafood
Souhail is new to the Vancouver bar scene. Souhail loves to create new cocktails using homemade bitters, syrups and liqueurs and loves to play on cocktail classics.
Stacia Sasso, Majestic Inn & Spa
With a passion for all things alcohol related, Stacia is a bar manager and distributor in the state of Washington. Stacia loves to learn as much as possible about the history, creation, technique and execution of making cocktails.  
Chelsea Rose Schulte, Cocktails and Canapes
Chelsea has been bartending for 8 years and was a finalist in the 2016–17 Made With Love cocktail competition.She has a passion for the cocktail industry and supporting good causes. She is looking forward to the Science of Cocktails event.
Jonathan Smolensky
Jonathan has been part of the hospitality community since 2003. Starting as a sales director for a BC winery and then as a bartender/sommelier in fine dining, it wasn’t long before Jonathan went from drinking wines to making syrups out of them for cocktails. In 2011, Jonathan turned his attention fully to Sovereign Wine and Spirits, a liquor agency that he created that is geared towards Canada’s hospitality sector. Jonathan is also the Corporate Liaison for the Canadian Professional Bartenders Association, helping to connect brands with bartenders.
Miranda Stephen, Lamplighter and Local Kits
Instrumental in the opening of bars in two restaurants in a Chilliwack,  Miranda moved to Vancouver, and into cocktail bartending, when she got a job at the Oru restaurant inside the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel. Miranda is looking forward to participating in the Science of Cocktails because it’s a good cause and because she loves quality cocktails, both making and drinking, of course.
Arvind Thillaisundaram
Arvind brings his branding expertise to the Science of Cocktails. He has always been interested in mixology, as well as aviation. He is looking to have both careers take off soon!
Christina Veira, Globe and Mail Centre
Chosen as one of Imbibe Magazine’s Imbibe 75 "one of the people, places and directions that will shape the way you drink in 2019," Christina also harnesses her skills for community engagement and fundraising. She helped curate the Bar & Beverage Pavilion and Speed Rack Canada (Seasons 3 & 4), as well as raising over $50k for Nellie’s Women’s Shelter and various other charities.
Garet Kay, Venteto Kitchen & Bar
Garet has been in the restaurant industry for 5 years and bartending at Veneto for 8 months. He believes that hospitality is the industry of making memories. In his spare time, Garet uses the fermentation process to make bread and preserve vegetables.
Dylan Williams, Westin Bayshore
Dylan has been bartending for 8 years. Starting in his hometown of Regina, Dylan now calls the competitive market of Vancouver, home.
Stephanie Wong
Stephanie has a love of science and a love of cocktails. She also  loves the hospitality industry. Volunteering at the Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival, Stephanie was able to challenge herself at events of various sizes. She is excited to offer her expertise at the Science of Cocktails to help make it a success.
Ryan, La Mezcaleria
Ryan is a self-proclaimed stereotypical Vancouverite—coffee snob, bicycle enthusiast and craft beer nerd. With a need to branch out beyond West Coast IPAs, Ryan worked in several bars across the world, where he got more into cocktails. He is back in Vancouver working on a science degree and felt that there was no better place for him to learn more about the craft cocktail scene than at the Science of Cocktails—a perfect mix of two of his interests: science and cocktails.
Sara Dikosavljevic, Blackbird/Clough Club
Kostiantyn Miroshnychenko, Nuba
Jayce Kadyschuk
Rob Scope, PiDGiN

Rob Williams, Q Bar Manager
Wilson-Furr, PiDGiN