Chef David Robertson, The Dirty Apron

David has built his career in the culinary industry for over 20 years, and his work has earned him a strong reputation as a passionate and engaging chef as well as excellent and inspiring tutor.

As owner and head chef of Vancouver’s renowned The Dirty Apron Cooking School & Delicatessen, David's infectious enthusiasm for the products he uses and his patient nature have proven to be the perfect blend of ingredients to offer the most talked about cooking classes, delicatessen and catering in the city.

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Chef Jenny Hui, The Lazy Gourmet

Executive Chef Jenny Hui is the force behind the 80-person kitchen team at The Lazy Gourmet. Under the mentorship of catering pioneer Susan Mendelson, she has created memorable and diverse culinary menus for a host of events in the past two decades. From small and intimate celebrations to large galas and parties for more than 10,000, every little detail is executed with a passionate and experienced hand. 

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Chef Jesse Hochhausen, Showcase Restaurant & Bar

Jesse Moved to Vancouver in 2016, where he now is Executive Sous Chef overseeing banquets and the Showcase restaurant. Jesse’s culinary influences come from his mother’s Japanese Canadian heritage, traveling extensively through South Korea with his wife and her family and getting inspiration from his travels and surroundings.

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Chef Mary Lee Newnham, Emelle's Catering

Mary Lee has worked as a corporate, executive and private chef in a variety of restaurants, hotels, off-premise locations, yacht charters, convention and conference centers. As the executive chef for Plaza Catering and the Atrium Hotel, as well as cooking for such luminaries as Queen Elizabeth, Jean Chretien, Bill Gates, The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and Mel Gibson, Mary Lee has established herself as one of the premiere catering chefs in Vancouver.

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Chef Michael Chan, Peake of Catering

Having worked in the hotel industry for an extensive amount of time, Michael is excited to showcase and extend his talent in the realm of catering. He is thrilled to be able to be a part of the Peake organization and looks forward to the many challenges ahead.

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Chef Drew Munro, Drews Catering

Drew Munro is the Founder and Culinary Director of Drew’s Catering & Events. He started the company as a meal delivery service out of the back of his Hyundai and has since grown it into one of the largest and most reputable event catering companies in Vancouver, winning the National Top Choice Award for Vancouver’s Best Caterer for the past 4 consecutive years. 

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Chef Hiroki Hatada, Hapa Izakaya

With over 15 years of experience, Chef Hiroki Hatada heads the culinary program at Hapa Izakaya Yaletown. Originally from Aomori, Japan, Chef Hiroki leades the Hapa team with his extensive background in traditional Japanese cuisine. Chef Hiroki is looking forward to bringing more of his creative and unique style to future menus. 

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Chef Wesley Young, Pidgin

Born and bred in Vancouver, Wesley spent his early childhood in the kitchens of commercial drive family restaurants.  After completing his culinary training at Malaspina University College and Vancouver Community College, he earned his stripes working with the Four Seasons.

In 2005, Wesley moved to London and joined critically acclaimed Tom Aikens in London. He then returned to Canada and worked at Montreal’s 357c before coming home to Vancouver at award-winning West, where he worked under Chef David Gunawan. In 2009, Wesley further developed his love for the 100-mile movement at sustainable seafood champion C Restaurant as Sous Chef.  In 2013, he lead the brigade at Wildebeest as executive chef.  Now with PiDGiN, he has evolved into a calm and industry respected teacher, leading his team with a confidence that will push the award-winning PiDGiN to its next level.

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Chef Bruce Nollert and Chef TJ Conwi, Ono Vancouver

Bruce is a certified Red Seal Chef and partner at Ono Vancouver specializing in restaurant consulting and private chef services. Bruce's love for cooking grew from a passion for creating and learning new techniques, and he finds inspiration through seasonal ingredients with a focus on sustainability. Bruce see's artistry in the details and is committed to telling the story of the process and ingredients that go into each dish he creates. 

Tj has a passion for both West Coast and Asian cuisine. His culinary curiosity began with his roots in the Philippines and has taken him as far away as kitchens in Taiwan and Chile. Organic, local and sustainable ingredients are the highlights of his dishes. 

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Chef Omar Hadi, Executive Chef, Glowbal Group

Omar joined the Glowbal Group by summer of 2017 as the new Chef de Cuisine at their flagship restaurant Glowbal. A year later, his passion and dedication earned him the honor to be named the new Executive Chef, a role in which he continues to delight their customers and promises to go above and beyond to provide a spectacular dinning experience. 

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Chef Ryan Gauthier, Corporate Chef, Glowbal Group

Ryan has had the opportunity to work with such notable chefs, such as Robert Byford, Tim Muellbauer, Kathleen O'Connor and Brian Fowke, and the training he received from each one has proven to be invaluable. He is passionate about his career and knows he is following his true calling.  

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Chef Alvin Pillay, Donnelly Group

 Chef Greg Edwards, Bao Down