Creativity in Motion: Springs, Sprockets & Pulleys

February 1–September 2, 2013. 
Looking at a simple teapot, Steve Gerberich sees a face, ready for the addition of eyes made of nuts and bolts. In his hands, the hood of a bright red lawnmower becomes the body of a razor-jawed sea creature. By pushing buttons and turning cranks, Gerberich invites audiences to set his works in motion.

Enter the mind of a creative genius where everyday household items come to life through the wonders of art and science. Featuring over 25 installations, artist Steve Gerberich’s exhibition explores scientific principles in the most artfully creative ways imaginable.

Press a button or crank a wheel, and with a whirring hum, watch as sculptures come to life. A flock of decoy geese flap overhead with open suitcase wings. A wooden cow with hooves clad in high-top sneakers is milked endlessly by an over-enterprising farmer.

Constructed from materials such as: old machine parts, kitchen utensils, pieces of furniture, lighting fixtures, medical supplies, toys, and carnival figurines, this highly entertaining exhibit offers museum-goers a unique way to interact with contemporary sculpture and explore the principles of simple mechanical motion.