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Junior Maker Workshop: Claymation

Do you dream of being a director, set designer or star in your own film? This workshop will help you bring your cinematic dreams to life! Discover the science of filmmaking and flex your creative muscle with our Claymation workshop. Participants will work in groups to direct, design and act out a stop-motion animation. No prior experience is required.

What is Tinkering?

Tinkering is learning through making. Participants in this workshop will be encouraged to make mistakes, experiment with new materials and create a Claymation film without set instructions. What will your Claymation look like?

Please note:

  • This workshop is for participants ages 6 to 9. Children under the age of 6 or over the age of 9 will NOT be able to participate.
  • Children must be accompanied by one adult, who will assist them with the activity. Accompanying adults pay general admission only.
  • All materials will be supplied by Science World. The cost of the workshop covers the cost of the materials.
  • Photos of you or your child may be taken, and may be used in promotional materials. If you do not want yourself or your child to be photographed, please let staff know at the beginning of the workshop.

This event is sold out.

*Workshop price does not include admission to Science World.