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Meet a Scientist: Create Your Own Mindful Jar

The mindful jar is a tool used to visually show how mindfulness can help us pause and respond to a difficult situation with more clarity.

About this Event

For this lab, families will create their own mindful jars while we explore and discover the science behind how it works.

Bring your children or your entire family for this powerful lab focused on helping connect thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


Jo-Ann has been at Science World for 22 years and working in outreach for Science World for over 12 years. She has three adult children and holds a degree in Psychology. She also has over 30 years of experience working with children in many different settings.


  • A clear container with a secure lid
  • Clear Corn Syrup – or you could use regular corn syrup or liquid honey
  • Water
  • Glitter – you can also add small beads or something similar
  • Small amount of hand or dish soap

By registering for this session, you acknowledge that all discussion and participation are for educational purposes, ONLY. Please note that only children with parents present will be invited to turn their webcams on. For those families who choose to participate via webcam, please note that Science World will not be recording this session.

Please join the session on a computer to make use of all the features. For the safety and privacy of all participants the link you receive is just for you, thank you.

Recommended for all ages.