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Meet a Scientist: Good Vibrations (Sounds and Waves)

Join us for an online, hands-on workshop just for kids! Presented by a Scientists and Innovators in the Schools (SIS) volunteer, this 20 minute presentation is for elementary scientists, but all curious young minds are welcome to join and encouraged to do so with an adult.


An online hands-on workshop for students to explore and learn about how we hear!

What is sound? How does it travel? You can make music and do fun science at the same time. Join Jennifer Kirkey for this science workshop where young scientists will investigate sound and waves.


Jennifer Kirkey loves to share her passion for physics and has been teaching physics and astronomy at Douglas College for many years. She has also been volunteering with Science World's Scientist and Innovators in the School program (SIS), for more than 30 years. She is also an active member of the local Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Jennifer explores the physics of buoyancy every day by living in a floating house and never misses an opportunity to look up at the night sky!

This event will be held on Zoom. For the safety and privacy of all participants the link you receive is just for you, thank you.

Scientists and Innovators in Schools (SIS) is a volunteer-based program that helps address British Columbia's need for more scientists, engineers, technologists, technicians, creative technology professionals and innovators to promote students' interest in these areas. Our goal is to inspire students with exciting presentations by career mentors.