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Take flight with Birdly®!

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Soar to new heights with Birdly®, an immersive virtual reality experience at Science World. The award-winning, multi-sensory flight simulator responds to your every tilt, twist and turn. Feel the wind in your face as you soar above the clouds and flap your wings to safety as you dive-bomb between trees. Engage your whole body in the experience of what it’s like to take to the skies!

Flight rules:

  • To fly safely, fledglings must stand 58” or 147cm tall, and have a wingspan of 53” or 134cm. Check your wings here before purchasing a flight.
  • Birdly is able to support up to 180kg/395lbs for a safe flight.
  • Please do not use Birdly if you have any medical issues that could pose a risk to your health. Flying can result in dizziness and discomfort for those not accustomed to flight.
  • A parent or guardian must be present for their child to fly.