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Tinker Along with Light and Shadows

In this workshop, learners will tinker with and explore light and shadow using simple materials

About this Event

In this workshop, learners will tinker with and explore light and shadow using simple materials. They’ll learn about properties of light and how it interacts with different objects. What will your light and shadow explorations look like?

Recommended for ages 4 - 8

What is “tinkering”?

Tinkering is mindful messing about with tools and materials, with the goal of finding out their possibilities and limitations. When we tinker, we learn about scientific topics, make new things from existing parts, solve problems, and learn by making mistakes.

Suggested materials for the session:

  • A room that can be darkened and has wall space for making shadows
  • A flashlight
  • Transparent and/or translucent objects, coloured or clear, like plastic or glass cups/containers, bottles filled with food colouring, coloured acetate/film, thin fabric etc.
  • Reflective objects, like tin foil, CDs, small mirrors, kitchen utensils, metal lid or container, etc.
  • Solid objects that can block light and create interesting shadows, like toys, scissors, utensils, a kitchen strainer, shapes cut from paper, etc.

By registering for this session, you acknowledge that all discussion and participation are for educational purposes, ONLY. Please note that only children with parents present will be invited to turn their webcams on. For those families who choose to participate via webcam, please note that Science World will not be recording this session.

Please join the session on a computer to make use of all the features. For the safety and privacy of all participants the link you receive is just for you, thank you.