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Tinkering at Home: Marble Machines

Join Science World educators and teachers across B.C. for topics relevant to STEAM teaching and learning.

About this Event

Marble Machines are powered by gravity, and can transport a marble or small ball to the ground in an interesting way! In this workshop, find out how to use everyday materials to make Marble Machine. Encourage learners to design, build, and test their contraption, with the goal of either creating a slow-travelling machine for the marble, or to fulfill a goal of their own choosing, such as landing in a cup or knocking over a small tower. Explore challenges and prompts appropriate to the experience level of the group. What will your learners’ Marble Machines look like?

(Recommended for teachers of grades 3–6)

What is “tinkering”?

Tinkering is mindful messing about with tools and materials, with the goal of finding out their possibilities and limitations. When we tinker, we learn about scientific topics, make new things from existing parts, solve problems, and learn by making mistakes.

Suggested materials for the session:

  • A small ball or marble
  • Tape
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Tubes (toilet paper or paper towel rolls)
  • Assorted materials – e.g. binder clips, books, string, elastic bands, or clothespins
  • Vertical wall or space that you can start building a Marble Machine

This session will be held on Zoom. Meeting details will be emailed upon registration.

This program is a part of Tech-Up, Science World's initiative to enhance existing programs to include coding and computational thinking.