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Tree, Earth, Sky – VR Headset Experience

Old trees are networked hubs of activity in the forest. They reach through the soil to interact with microorganisms, and they grow up through the forest into the forest canopy to reach the sunlight. In the forest soil, the tree roots are part of the mycorrhiza, a network of interactions between fungi and plants and trees. This network exchanges nutrients—carbohydrates, water and minerals—between trees, plants, bacteria and fungi.

Using 3D 360 video and sound recordings of an old growth grove of trees on Vancouver Island, experience the liveliness of an old growth grove, with its vibrant soil community and powerful ancient trees. The VR headset experience depicts some of the invisible activities of the trees and microorganisms in their forest community.

Upcoming dates:

Friday, January 1010:30am–12:30pm
Saturday, January 1112pm–2pm
Friday, January 1710:30am–12:30pm
Saturday, January 1812pm–2pm
Wednesday, January 22 1pm–3pm
Saturday, January 2512pm–2pm
Friday, January 31 10:30am–12:30pm