Our World: BMO Sustainability Gallery

How can your choices create a sustainable future?

Fun, hands-on ways to learn about how the choices we make affect our planet in the lively, popular Our World: BMO Sustainability gallery. You can drive a virtual car down a virtual highway—scoring points as you answer questions about emissions—and aim jets of water at a target to practise being water-wise. On our kinetic wheel, you can turn your body’s energy into electricity; in the recycling game, you’ll win if you can correctly separate recycling from trash.

On the gallery’s walls, inspirational slideshows, films, and displays tell you how other people from all over the world, are taking action to help the planet. You’ll learn how trained rats are creating an ecological park; how bikes made of bamboo allow people to use less fossil fuel; and how young “waste warriors” are tackling the garbage problem around the globe.

Stop outside the gallery’s doors to check the population counter, which shows the human population steadily ticking up at six people per second…

Our World would not be possible without the generous support of:

BMO Financial Group
BC Dairy Council
BC Hydro
BC Used Oil Management Association
Blue Planet Links Foundation
Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association
Electronics Stewardship Association of BC
Encorp Pacific
The Hamber Foundation
Post Consumer Pharmaceutical Stewardship Association
Product Care Association
Stewart Fund
TD Friends of the Environment Foundation
The Hamber Foundation
Tire Stewardship Association of BC