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Beavers plunges into the habitat of one of nature’s greatest engineers for an intimate look at our national symbol, drawing viewers into the story of a family of beavers as they grow, play and transform the world around them.

Grade Levels

Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

Curriculum Links

Kindergarten: Basic needs of animals, Seasonal changes
Science 1: Behavioural adaptations of local animals
Science 2: Animal Growth and Changes, Water connections to other systems
Science 3: Biodiversity in the local Environment
Science 4: Ecosystems
Science 7: Survival needs of organisms
Science 9: Sustainability of systems
Life Science 11: Interrelationship between organisms, Adaptation to changing environments
Environmental Science 11: Ecosystem complexity, Succession, Benefits of ecosystem services
Earth Science 11: Water as a unique resource


  • 11am (if booked by school group)


  • French
  • English

Additional Information

This film is available in English & French

Produced in 1988