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Eyeball Optics

Students will work in groups to explore some of the behaviours of light and dissect animal eyeballs to find the lens inside.

Key questions include:

  • Describe some of the behaviours of light.
  • What are some features of the eye that help it to work effectively with the properties of light?
  • How do the brain and the eye work together to perceive light? 

Grade Levels

Grade 8

Curriculum Links

Science 8: Light– behaviours & ways of sensing

Resource Connection:
Teach Engineering | Understanding the Structure of the Eye



  • Only available on Teen Tuesdays: Teen Tuesdays are Dec 10, 2019 & Jan 21, Feb 15, Mar 10, Apr 21, May 12, Jun 2, 2020


  • English

Additional Information

15–30 students, 30 maximum