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Online Activities

Building a Kitchen Landslide

Learn how engineers design structures to protect mountain communities from landslides, debris flows, and other natural hazards.

Game-Changing Health: Collective Brainpower

Discover how an artist, web developer, game design engineer, educator, and nurse are changing the way we learn and deliver healthcare education.

Sketchbook to Screen

A step-by-step guide on how to take a character or creature from your sketchbook and bring it to life in the 3D world. 

Viruses: Reducing the Spread

Map how quickly a virus can spread in this workshop that simplifies the science behind COVID-19.

Creative Content Design & Technical Writing

This workshop explores how to efficiently communicate complex topics and how words can affect the outcome of a situation.

Coding Bones for 3D Animation

Learn how your favourite 3D animated characters move around on the screen with the help of coding and prop set-up.

Abstract & Augmented Reality Art

Learn how augmented reality can be used to explore emotions, depicting them through abstract installations.

Exploring the Ocean Floor

Explore extreme ocean environments using highly maneuverable underwater machines called Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV).

Play With Your Food: Science Experiments to Explore

Look through your kitchen and create your own science experiment using food and household ingredients!

Synthetic Biology: Using DNA for New Applications

Explore what DNA is and how it can be adapted to solve specialized problems through Synthetic Biology.

Intro to Game Development

Join gaming studio Skybox Labs for a session on how game designers, artists, and software engineers work together to make games.


Learn how good things really come in small fluid volumes in this workshop exploring the application of microfluidics.

Artificial Intelligence: Is This Me?

Get introduced to the world of machine learning using your face and a camera to learn the fundamentals of artificial intelligence.

Building Cartoon Worlds using Unreal Engine

Learn how to build environments and animate simple characters with WildBrain Studios.

Chemical Reactions: Limiting Reagents

Not your regular baking soda and vinegar experiment! This activity introduces the concept of a "limiting reagent."