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Global Soundscapes: Mission to Record the Earth is an interactive theatre program blending live presentation with audio and video recordings of biologists, environmental scientists, and indigenous peoples around the world. This program introduces students to the emerging field of Soundscape Ecology, focusing on the diversity and changes in ecosystems that can be detected through analysis of audio recordings.

A Soundscape is a recording of all the sounds that can be heard in a particular location. Thanks to advances in audio recording and computer analysis technology, scientists are now using Soundscapes on a massive scale to study the health of ecosystems and the effects that humans are having on natural environments. In this program, students will use spectrographic analysis to compare soundscape recordings, and learn how this data is used to help scientists conserve and protect fragile ecosystems.

  • Investigate the dramatic soundscapes of Costa Rica’s rainforests, Hawaii’s coral reefs, and Mongolia’s vast grasslands. 
  • Learn about the tools that scientists use to record and analyze sounds.
  • Explore basic acoustics through interactive activities and incredible slow-motion footage of pulsating musical instruments, vibrating vocal chords, and slobbering “raspberries.”
  • Discover what soundscapes tell us about the health of our planet. 

Global Soundscapes for Secondary is available only on Teen Tuesdays.


$3 per student **Special promotion $1 off Sept to Dec


  • 45 min


Only available at 10am on Teen Tuesdays

Grade Level(s): 

  • Grade 8
  • Grade 9
  • Grade 10
  • Grade 11
  • Grade 12


  • Animals
  • Cycles
  • Energy
  • Investigations and Observations
  • Natural Resources
  • Sound
  • Sustainability



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