Instant Coffee Light Bar

Instant Coffee Light Bar was first conceived as an ironic gesture to confront the sincere difficulties of living in such a rainy and grey climate as Vancouver. The research began in 2008, in Bergen Norway, a city with equally dark and rainy winters. It was initially presented as an experimental concept to explore light therapy as a social endeavor—collectively seeking well-being in a social and visual art environment. Almost immediately, we, as the collective Instant Coffee, discovered the genuine effects of light therapy delivered within the context of social sculpture.

The Light Bar has taken many forms, but always has at its centre, a sculptural form that functions as a bar encapsulated by full spectrum lights. This sculpture becomes the pinnacle for a larger environment, which is used as a venue to host cultural events from music to performances; from scientific lectures to artist talks; and from art exhibitions to karaoke. Since its initial presentation, the Light Bar has taken many forms and has been brought to life in many places, from Hoorn in The Netherlands to Victoria, BC. Upon learning that many parallel researches and studies were being conducted in psychology and other scientific communities, Instant Coffee was doubly emboldened.

About the Artists

Instant Coffee is a service-oriented curatorial and artist collective, based in Toronto and Vancouver. Instant Coffee's frequent practice is to build venues or stages for organized events, from formal lectures and screenings to informal gatherings and workshops. These artworks often require hosts who initiate some form of performative interaction.

Instant Coffee has an extensive art practice, spanning fourteen years. As an artist collective, they have invested in combining the social with the aesthetic and as such have worked in public spaces to engage large audiences. Recently, Instant Coffee exhibited Take the Easy Way, at MKG 127, Toronto, as well as produced The hero, the villain, the salesman, the parent, a side kick and a servant, at Teck Gallery, SFU, Vancouver. Instant Coffee also participated in a residence program at Incheon Art Platform, South Korea and have designed an installation for the Cheongju International Craft Biennale.

For more information about Instant Coffee, check out their website.

Extra Information

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Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)