LIGHT: Illuminating Science & Art

On now, until Sunday, January 4, 2015

LIGHT is Science World’s latest feature exhibition at TELUS World of Science. Each installation in the gallery space offers up a unique perspective on one of the many facets of light and explores it through the lenses of the abstract, the scientific and the beautiful. The exhibition showcases a series of works from local and international artists and scientists and provides visitors with the opportunity to investigate light phenomena through interactive exhibits.

Through the eyes of scientists and artists, discover the beauty, complexity and intensity of one of life’s most compelling subjects. Explore a fusion of art installations and technological creations and experience light as you’ve never seen it before.​

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DNA Origami by the Symmetry Group

DNA is one of the most intensively studied materials on the planet. Over the last few decades, the speed with which DNA can be sequenced has increased at a rate exceeding Moore's Law.


Generate is an app for creating expressive imagery and video, by layering multiple filters and incorporating audio reactive effects. Screens, cameras, audio and the Internet are ubiquitous in our everyday lives. Generate brings these elements together, transforming the smartphone into a device for artistic expression.


Supported by Creative BC’s Interactive Fund, Halo is a large-scale, light-based interactive installation, whose distinct sculptural shape, bright colours and vibrant animations evoke strong synesthetic experiences.

Monochrome Sunset by Mark Soo

Mark Soo’s installation, Monochrome Sunset (English Bay—Oppenheimer Park), 2006, uses light and colour as a means of exploring the aesthetic and socio-cultural experience. Engaging the properties of vision in general, and the history of Vancouver’s representation more specifically, Soo’s project reflects on the relationship between the urban experience and its psychological and physiological consequences.

New York Eve by Max Zorn

New York Eve shows the freehand craftwork of the artist and the vividness of packing tape, through sepia tones and straight lines.

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