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Membership FAQ

Membership Set-up 

Does the whole family have to be present to set the membership up?

No, they do not. We can sign them up without them needing to be present. They can take their photos for their membership card on their next visit.

Who can go on a family membership?

A family membership can be any 2 adults and up to 4 of their own children.

Can my family membership include my niece/nephew/friend's child?

Unfortunately no, unless the legal guardian of the child is already on the membership.

Can I add extra people to my membership?

You are permitted 1 extra adult/senior add-on for a Couple membership, and 2 extra people (child/youth/senior/adult) on a Family membership.

Can I do an add-on at a later date?

Yes you can. Add-ons are pro-rated (min.$25).

What relationship status do adults have to have to be on a Couple membership or Family membership?

The adults can have any relationship (ie: mother-daughter, friends, spouses, sisters etc.).

But please note that if two friends or siblings go on the membership, their spouses are not eligible to be added as add-ons.

Can someone else use my membership card, or is only the person on the card allowed to use it?

All Science World memberships are non-transferable and only the person listed on the card, can use the card.

I know children 2 and under are free, so what happens when my child turns 3 years old?

When your child turns 3 years old you will be required to upgrade your membership to cover that child for a pro-rated fee (min. $25).

When will my membership expire?

Your membership always expires at the end of the month the following year for 1-YR memberships or in 2 years for 2-YR memberships. 

When do I get my membership card?

You can get your membership card anytime during our regular hours of operation, and your card is printed right away at our membership counter.


Passes and Benefits 

How many guest passes do I get?

You will get 1 guest pass for a 1-YR membership, and 2 guest passes for a 2-YR membership. The passes are physical coupons that are the size of a standard business card.

What happens if I lose my guest pass(s)?

Unfortunately, we cannot replace any misplaced guest passes. Please make sure you keep these passes in a safe place.

What is the benefit of renewing my membership early? 

If you renew your membership early, you will get an additional guest pass as well as 1 free OMNIMAX film coupon for every person on your memebrship.

Where do I check-in when I visit Science World?

To check-in, you will line-up in the Science World Members line, which located at the end of our Admissions counter. 

What happens if I misplaced my membership card?

If you have misplaced your membership card, we can issue a replacement for a fee of $1 plus tax per card.

What happens if I forgot to bring my membership card? 

 If you forgot to bring your membership card with you, we can search your name in our database using a piece of I.D. with your name. 

What are the benefits of being a member?

From discounts to our Kaleidoscope, Science Store to members' early access on Weekends and holidays, your membership will definitely be worth it. Please visit Member Rates for the full list. ​



Science Theatre Notice

On October 21, the Science Theatre will be closed until 1pm for a private event.

Science Park Notice

Please note that the Science Park will close for the season on November 3. It will re-open in March 2020.  

Attention Parents and Guardians!

Please be advised that visitors under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.