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Active Algorithms Learning Kit

In these activities, learners in Grades 1-3 will be introduced to thinking algorithmically which is an essential skill for learning how to code. They will be explore the algorithms of dance, create algorithms to successfully navigate an obstacle course, and examine different algorithms while moving through and acting out a choose your own adventure story.

This kit contains resources for both synchronous and asynchronous lessons


  • understand how to build code as a sequence of steps

  • explore how to write and perform an algorithm


  • For teachers:

    Computer with internet connection and ability to send students a document
    For synchronous lessons, ability to video chat with students

  • For students:

    Computer or tablet with internet connection to receive challenge documents
    Ability to print helpful but not necessary
    Paper, pencil
    Colouring supplies and scissors helpful but not necessary
    Sidewalk chalk or tape
    Space to move around


  • Coding
  • Algorithm