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Coding Math Learning Kit

In these activities, learners in Grades 4-6 will explore how binary code can be used to represent images while exploring reflections and transformations. They will be invited to share their binary code with their peers and work from each other’s codes. They will start with binary code for simple two-toned images and then work their way into coding four-toned images with possible extensions into how all colours are coded in binary for computers to use.

This kit contains resources for both synchronous and asynchronous lessons.


  • Understand what binary code is

  • Use binary code to create visual representations

  • Explore reflections and transformations of images


  • For teachers:

    • Computer with internet connection and ability to send students a document
  • For students:

    • Computer or tablet with internet connection to receive challenge documents
    • Ability to share and trade work with classmates
    • Paper and pen/pencils
    • Ability to print helpful but not necessary


  • Code
  • Binary
  • Reflection
  • Transformation