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Micro:bit Learning Kit

In these activities, learners Grade 6-9 will learn how to create block code and test it on the micro:bit simulator.

Once comfortable with the interface, students will complete a series of challenges leading up to a final challenge of their choice between coding a rock paper scissors game,a magic 8 ball, or a sorting hat.

Challenges will introduce students to displays, variables, random numbers, and conditional statements. 

All skills and code learned in this activity can also be used with a physical micro:bit.

This kit contains resources for both synchronous and asynchronous lessons.


  • Gain skills in coding (using Micro:bit simulator).

  • Explore how coding can be used in practical application.


  • For Teachers:

    Computer with internet connection and ability to send students a document
    For synchronous activity only: ability to share your screen and speak to the students

      • This can be done with Teams, Zoom, Jitsi, etc.
      • Note: Upon request, the Tech-Up facilitator can help you find which platform works best for you.
  • For Students:

    Computer with internet connection (tablet is okay for self-paced; may not work with micro:bit classroom during synchronous activity)
    Micro:bit is optional, all activities may be completed using the online simulator.


Some of the questions students can explore in the activities include:

  • What is coding?
  • What is a variable? when else might they be useful?
  • What is a display?
  • What is a conditional statement? when might this be useful?
  • How do we generate a random number? when might this be useful?


  • Code
  • Blocks
  • Variable
  • Display
  • Conditional statement