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Variable Stories Learning Kit

In these activities, learners in Grades 4-6 will explore how parts of speech can be used to strengthen their understanding of variables.

Students will work towards writing their own Mad Lib Stories before using Scratch to code a Mad Lib story generator.

There is also an optional extension activity if you would like to build further on the coding concepts explored in these lessons.

This kit contains resources for both synchronous and asynchronous lessons.


  • Explore how coding can be used to express a story.

  • Gain skills in coding (using Scratch).


  • For Teachers:

    Computer with internet connection and ability to send students a document
    For synchronous activity only: ability to share your screen and speak to the students

      • This can be done with Teams, Zoom, Jitsi, etc.
      • Note: Upon request, the Tech-Up facilitator can help you find which platform works best for you.
  • For Students:

    Computer or tablet with internet connection
    Paper and pen/pencils
    Ability to print (helpful but not necessary)


Some of the questions students can explore in the activities include:

  • what is coding?
  • what is a variable? when else might they be useful?
  • what do you need to create a useful story?
  • how might you express yourself in writing and in coding?


  • Code
  • Variable
  • Blocks