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Are you 8 to 14 years old? Do you like the idea of engineering and using robots to solve problems? If so, we’d love to see you in Robotics Club. Join teammates to take on big challenges (like how to help if an earthquake hits Vancouver), and code things to move in and react to the world around you. Bursaries are available for girls who may not otherwise be able to attend our club programs. Learn more about the different Robotics Club programs for different ages and experience levels here.

Build a Bot and Learn a Lot!

Want to try engineering and use your brain to solve complex problems? Join our Robotics Club, where you and your teammates will use LEGO® Mindstorms®, VEX® Robotics kits, and cardboard to design, build, code, and test robotic solutions to local challenges. These challenges will be presented to you in real life scenarios like facing an earthquake in Metro Vancouver or a large storm in Stanley Park.

While having fun with robotics, you will develop skills related to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art & design, and mathematics), including creative problem-solving, logic, and collaboration.

Courses are six sessions for regular clubs and 19 sessions for the Advanced Robotics Team. Level I is for beginners and doesn't require any previous experience with robotics. For Level II and our Advanced Team, some previous experience with VEX® Robotics and/or some computer-programming ability is strongly recommended.

Apply for a Bursary!

Thanks to support from the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST), we are able to offer bursaries to girls who might not otherwise be able to afford our club programs. Bursaries subsidize 50% to 100% of the registration fees, as needed. If you receive a bursary, we will ask you to write a letter of thanks to SCWIST before the end of your camp week.

*For any questions regarding the bursary application process, please contact our Youth Program Specialist.

Programs Offered

LEGO® Mindstorms®

For ages 8–9

Saturdays 10am–2pm (6 sessions)

Terms available: January 2020

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Program Details:

Science World Members: $270 Regular Clubs | $475 Advanced Team
General Public: $300 Regular Clubs | $525 Advanced Team

*Space is limited to 16 participants

What's LEGO® Mindstorms®?

LEGO® Mindstorms® is a series of kits containing software and hardware to create customizable, programmable robots. The kit includes an intelligent brick computer that controls the system; a set of modular sensors and motors; and LEGO parts from the Technics line for creating the mechanical systems.

What's VEX® Robotics?

VEX Robotics® is a design system that offers robot-creating tools for people involved in robotics. Building robots inherently develops all four STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art & design, and math) skill sets, that’s why the founders of VEX believed these fun activities are also a way to prepare young people for the careers of the future. Beyond teaching STEM principles, a VEX Robotics® project encourages teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving within and among groups.

What's the Advanced Robotics Team?

The Advanced Robotics Team is a group for those aged 11–14 who have prior experience in robotics and/or computer programming (note that this program runs for 19 weeks, not the six weeks of the other two programs). Using the VEX IQ Robotics® system, we will work together to create robots for specific challenges and test our designs alongside other teams in the area. The Advanced Robotics Team also participates in Robot Nights. These are friendly, casual meets, held at Vancouver secondary schools, where students from around the Lower Mainland test and showcase their VEX IQ designs on the various challenges present at the venue.

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